Wisdom. Compassion. Transformation


You want answers. You have decisions to make.

Or maybe you just need to ground and relax into yourself, to receive a higher level view of you and your life.



I’m here to illuminate  your path and clarify your options so that you can make empowered choices.

I want to help you discover your essence, and encourage you to trust in your own inner wisdom, so that you may live your life fully.

Author of Soul Path Way


About Kay

Grounded. Compassionate. Reassuring.

A natural clairvoyant and empath since childhood, I have an expert knowledge of astrology, and have developed and refined all of my psychic and energetic healing skills to create a unique experience for you that is illuminating and healing...



Do you have questions?

Would you like to feel more contentment, secure that you are on the right path?

Maybe you would like some intuitive healing too–we can dissolve old patterns to help you make decisions and follow through more easily...



Astrology, Intuitive Development and Energetic Healing based on psychosynthesis — all of it infused with spiritual wisdom

What do you want to learn?

I offer webinars, weekly classes, lectures, private mentoring and one time workshops...

Classes. Workshops. Webinars. Retreats


If you want to learn more about astrology, spirituality, yoga or intuitive development, I offer great classes whether you're new to all of this or are a professional astrologer or intuitive.


Learn astrology

Essentials of Evolutionary Astrology! New Saturday 5 week webinar class begins in January. Learn the basics of planets, signs and how to make sense of it all. Fun, personal & illuminating.


develop your intuition

There are a couple of openings in the Advanced Intuitive Training webinar on Saturday mornings. Is this the time for you to cultivate your skill?



Conscious or Crazy? Love & Pathways to Healing @ NCGR Sacramento is the next in person offering. Let’s explore the karma of relationship, both gifts and challenges, through the lens of the individual chart.