It's your journey. The soul that is you knows exactly what the path is. I'm here to clarify the signs and symbols, helping you to make the connections, and to trust your own guidance. If I do my job well, after awhile you won't need me anymore, although you might still come back from time to time to check in. I enjoy many of the same people for over thirty years. We are like family.

It's your journey. The soul that is you knows exactly what the path is. I'm here to clarify the signs and symbols, helping you to make the connections, and to trust your own guidance. If I do my job well, after awhile you won't need me anymore, although you might still come back from time to time to check in. I enjoy many of the same people for over thirty years. We are like family.

Each session offers evolutionary astrology with intuitive insights, …plus guided healing processwork when you want lasting changes.

Do you have questions?

Would you like to feel less stress and more contentment, secure that you are on the right path?

Maybe you would like some healing too, a chance to dissolve old patterns so that you can make clear decisions and follow through with confidence.

If so, a consultation might be a good starting place.

Just choose the amount of time you want and we'll create the perfect blend of astrology, intuitive guidance and healing,  and/or mentoring for you in the moment. If you have special requests, you can add them in the notes on the Genbook reservation.

If an astrology chart is the map

of your journey,

the cycles are the weather report

Astrology/Intuitive Sessions begin with the big picture: an overview of your life path through the brilliant soul centered wisdom of Evolutionary Astrology. I'll also talk about the growth and choice cycles you’re in through analyzing current astrothemes and a clairvoyant read of your energy.

We then go deeper and into detail via your questions, shifting seamlessly between astrological and intuitive answers, looking at issues from every direction.

What’s the practical reality? What’s the highest soul intention? Where are your emotional or mental blockages or habit patterns? What is the clearest pathway forward? What is the impact of the charts of others who may be affecting your choices?

When your internal thoughts and feelings about life are validated, or you learn something new about yourself and your path, you can make excellent choices.

It’s the dance of fate and free will.

Couples Sessions: Relationship Astrology provides a healing lens to understand each other’s nature and the current time cycle, as well as the underlying reasons for the relationship.

Developing Your Inner Wisdom: You are intuitive too. We all are. I will validate you when you’re connected, guide you back to the path when you stray, and help you develop trust in your own intuition.

If you already know your chart in depth we will probably speak in astrological shorthand, but I will also give you my seasoned viewpoint based on many years of doing this work. We might focus on current transits and progressions in an evolutionary way, woven together with grounded intuitive answers and transformative tools. 

And, If you’re new to all of this, you will receive a great reading in language you can understand.

Intuitive Healing Sessions: If you feel stuck or are having difficulty making a decision, or simply want to grow and evolve, we can add guided inner healing processes. Sometimes there’s enough time to do some of this powerful work in a first session; normally we schedule a whole session for healing focus.

Fundamentally, the healing sessions are guided subconscious level inner journeying, based on psychosynthesis (a spiritual psychology), hypnotherapy and spiritual energy healing.

Truly, the healing sessions are actually magic.

I am still amazed by how deep and long lasting changes can be. I studied and integrated these skills because they were so valuable in my own healing process. It helps to go below the storyline, into the subconscious patterns that influence and direct thoughts and actions. These unseen patterns and parts even create the situations or people we draw into our lives. 

Whether your healing session involves integrating subconscious inner parts, like inner children or inner saboteurs, or moving back into past life energies, these processes allow you to shift old habit patterns and make positive choices more easily.

You can book one session, or a series of sessions, to explore healing and integration.

If you choose to do a series of ongoing sessions, each one will begin like a typical consultation. We'll talk about what's up for you now. Maybe you have a ton of questions; maybe you need to talk and to be truly heard. Then we'll probably do some energetic inner processwork so you can move back into your life with some relief and clarity.

In Person or by Phone??? Honestly, I don't need to see you physically for any type of session. It's all in the ethers, the magic of energy. Choose what works best for you. In person feels, well, more personal. But phone/skype/whatsapp/zoom/FaceTime... can be so convenient. 

Cats, dogs & Stairs!! Please be advised that the Emeryville office/studio includes a cat, a dog and a flight of stairs. The animals do not need to be in the office during your session and a clean sheet can be placed over the loveseat if allergies are the problem. Just let me know in advance. I am sorry a flat surface office is not currently available. Please book a telephone session to avoid these challenges.

I'm in the SF Bay Area—Emeryville on the border of Oakland and Berkeley—and also offer sessions in different locations when I'm traveling. Santa Fe, NM, Carnation, WA, Edmonton, Canada, and Baltimore, MD in the planning stages for 2019 so far. London, UK & India in 2020!



When you click on the Book Now button, you will see the available appointment times, check out an amazing number of great testimonials from people who have just had their first session or have been working with Kay for decades. Choose between in person or telephone/skype sessions and then book an appointment easily with a few clicks. No obligation when you look to see if a time works for you. Appointments are offered normally Monday through Wednesday and Fridays & Saturdays, including some evening times; with travel schedule adjustments any day of the week might be available.

Please note if you make an appointment: Intuitive/Astrology readings are legally considered entertainment, and certainly are an art not a science. You may be provided guidance but it is your responsibility to listen to your own intuition, consult with various professional advisors and make your own decisions. Kay Taylor cannot be held liable for any actions taken, or not taken, based upon this guidance. Psychosynthesis processwork is a guided imagery conversation to help you connect with your inner truth. These arts are not a substitute for appropriate medical, legal or psychological professional help. By making an appointment, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms of this agreement.


Payment & Booking Options

Pricing is $180/hour - $260/90 min - $300/two hours -

$90/30 min (check-ins for established clients only)

You can also purchase a more affordable package of four hours of time for $560

New Clients: Please use a Book Now button to see available times and conveniently schedule your session. For Telephone Sessions, choose “No Preference” for practitioner to see all of Kay’s available times from different locations. You will be asked for your credit card to hold the reservation and it will normally be charged. Then if you cancel 24 hours or more before your session, you can reschedule or receive a full refund. However, if you wish to pay by check or cash at an in person session, or have a Gift Certificate, mention this in the notes so your credit card will not be charged. 

Couples: Just book a regular session (an hour is fine; 90 min is recommended for the first one) and write “couple session” in the notes, with birth data for both.

Established Clients: Book your session via a Book Now button. If you have a current credit card on file you may pay with check, cash or credit card at the session. If you prefer to prepay you may use the link below.

To Prepay via Credit Card or PayPal: Use the Session Link below to choose the length of time you wish to pay for (you can also add books, recordings or gift certificates to the cart and pay all at once. Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express are accepted. You also have an option to use Paypal in the cart if you prefer.