Astrology Software

There are many excellent software programs for astrology charts. If you are a serious student it's a good idea to get your own software as soon as you are able. Meanwhile you can use the free chart service on for awhile.

I am a Mac fanatic so here are the three software programs I have used and recommend. My colleagues who use Windows/PC's prefer Solar Fire or Kepler.

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Time cycles

IO Software by Time Cycles (TCR) is only for Mac and is/was elegant and easy to use. This is what I used for decades. Sadly, Dennis & the gang decided it wasn’t feasible to re-do the software to work with Apple’s endless changes, and so he has retired and we all have to switch to AstroGold or find something else. Or keep it on a Mac that is never upgraded to the new OS coming out this October.

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AstroGold (from the Solar Fire people) is the Mac software suggested to replace TCR. I installed it (50% discount if you do it soon) and transferred 16,000 chart files—all in less than 5 minutes! Change is hard yet there are some great features. However, I miss crucial aspects of Time Cycles (opening many charts at a time, transit search data sheets). I’m going to transfer my files to TimePassages and give that a thorough spin too. A more detailed report to follow.

Astrograph screen.png


AstroGraph's TimePassages created by Henry Seltzer, is a high quality astrology program available for both Mac and PC. TimePassages is native Macintosh, and they have also developed a conversion utility that imports Time Cycles charts into TimePassages so that no data is lost. AstroGraph tells me that they are expanding their Transit Report to include progressions, and planetary interaspects and ingresses. I’m beginning to test this software, very happy about the ability to run multiple charts at once, and will report further.