Yoga is simply the cultivation of breath, mindfulness and awareness. Here we are invited stay conscious while moving, sometimes holding an odd shape for awhile, sometimes flowing from shape to shape. Again and again we find an edge and breathe into it. We discover the balance between strength and ease and perhaps this quality extends into our daily lives. Our time on the mat and off the mat begins to merge. A deep breath in traffic. A lovely stretch at the desk. Yoga is life.

My classes are inspired by the graceful movement of Vinyasa flow, the devotion and love of Bhakti, and the intelligent sequencing and powerful core work of Forrest yoga.

As I’ve deepened my teaching I find pleasure in slowing the pace to enhance the mindfulness, the possibility of truly being in the pose. In some classes, there's also a place for flow and intensity, challenging ourselves, moving beyond resistance safely. Students say the classes are grounded, soulful and healing.  I strive for inclusion of everyone, including all levels of experience and body types.

Janet Stone Yoga Mentor! I am honored to announce I was chosen to be one of the teacher mentors in the Janet Stone 300/500 hour teacher training program. As mentors, we guide mentee students through the training choices to be in alignment with their unique path, as well as working with students to create a yogic daily practice as a foundation to being an authentic teacher. Learn more about the mentor and teacher training programs here.

Training: 500 certified hours and continuing. Stellarflow 200 hour training (with four senior Forrest teachers). Then a 300 hour program was completed with Janet Stone Yoga with hundreds of additional and ongoing study hours in devotional Vinyasa. Looks like I'll soon have a 1008 hour certification in the Janet Stone Yoga school. Teacher training hours at Yoga Tree have included Judith Hanson Lasater for Restorative Yoga and a 100 hr Therapeutic* Training with Harvey Deutch focused on anatomy, physiology and alignment.

What others say: “Your class was challenging yet restorative at the same time” … “I absolutely LOVED your class … it was really peaceful, still, safe, fun, and the sequencing was awesome…” …”The hands-on assists are worth the price of admission!” “This class was like a 90 minute yoga hug!” “I love the… class because I can close my eyes and go inside. I know nothing crazy is going to be thrown at me!”


(Changes in) Weekly Yoga Teaching Schedule


Due to a need to focus on writing and the busier travel schedule I have these days, I am no longer teaching weekly classes at Innerstellar. 

I'll be sub/teaching at Innerstellar from time to time and teaching yoga at astrology conferences and my own retreats. Stay tuned...