Why do some people fall in love with their childhood sweetheart and live happily ever after, while others have such difficulty, bouncing from bad to worse, or staying in an unhappy union for endless years.  Still others prefer to be alone. 

And it’s not just romantic relationships that can be challenging. Friends, family, co-workers, strangers… we are learning through our connections with others every single day. 

This class series is about relationship astrology—how we're wired naturally for relationship, what the evolutionary goal is, and how to work through challenges to achieve the highest potential shown in the chart. 

We'll also touch into composite charts, Davison charts, and synastry, although it will take much longer than six weeks to master the entire realm of relationship astrology.

I have worked with countless individuals to uncover how the relationship patterns of the chart can manifest in a painful or lifeless way, and can be consciously shifted toward integration and joy. Each broken pattern has its own gift, and there are particular techniques and choices to make to reveal the sweet fruits within. We will look at these healing techniques and "fixes", for ourselves and in the framework of counseling astrology.

How do you tell someone their mate chooser is broken?

It helps if you can offer meditative healing processwork and know how to empathically and skillfully guide people who may be feeling a lot more fragile than they let on.

Astrology is a beautiful blueprint of karmic experiences, gifts and challenges. The chart shows us the healing path—the way to true integration and balance. 

Naturally we will explore the major relationship indicators in the chart, including Venus and the Moon, the influence of spiritual/transpersonal planets, and the relationship houses. 

Relationship is a spiritual path. Everyone is our teacher.

$225 in advance; $250 after March 25th