Kay is the Oracle!

What would I do without Kay? Her exceptional ability to articulate the complexities and intricacies of both the individual and the individual within a relationship is not only stunning, but invaluable. I feel so lucky to have her as counsel in my life. I bring all my big life questions and concerns to her, both in my personal and professional pursuits and her knowledge, point of view, astrological wisdom, expertise and spiritual guidance is valued beyond measure.

- A.L. -


I have known Kay for a few years. The most important characteristic for me, that I always find in Kay, is that in addition to being very perceptive/intuitive, she is also caring. She makes me feel that she really cares about being helpful addressing my issues and that it is not just to do the one hour of a reading. I am very grateful for that.

- A -



Providing a Clear Path

I was a little skeptical at first, but after a few months of contemplating a visit, I finally did it. And it was 100% worth it! Once Kay started speaking she pulled my story and my experienced together without me saying a single word. We talked about how everyone has an innate ability to understand what they need/want to do, but the path becomes cluttered and blurry at times. Kay did an amazing job of pulling everything together and providing the clarity I needed to stay on my path.

- Nave Brar -


Confidence and Serenity

I have been a client of Kay's for at least 11 years. She has helped me through some very stressful scenarios in my life. She is clear, concise and loving. Kay seems to guide me gently with her insights and her understanding about the lessons I'm supposed to be learning on my path. She has been my own personal teacher that helps me trust and maintain balance. A VERY gifted and beautiful entity.

- Alison Burton -



I have been seeing Kay since 1991... she has never failed to connect with me and my path... she has never disappointed me and I value her ability above all others! I see her about every 18 months. Keep the audio.. so fun to go back and review... she is th best in the business, I’ve brought many friends who feel the same way... if you need guidance or confirmation.. she is definitely the person to go to!

- Heidi C -