Discovering Your Intuitive Power


Discovering Your Intuitive Power


You have probably had some psychic or intuitive experiences, such as having dreams, visions or feelings about something that come true. If you’d like to develop these skills to be able to receive accurate information when you need it and and learn how to trust your inner voice, this workshop is for you. Kay has been teaching people how to understand and improve their intuitive skills for over twenty-five years and has proven she can help anyone connect intuitively. In this Distance Learning Workshop you will be guided to understand your natural abilities-how you specifically receive information through the four chakra “antennas” and to deepen your clarity, accuracy and trust, practicing at your own pace at home.

You will learn how to:

  • ground yourself, set up boundaries and run energy
  • do several meditations to relax and open your psychic receptors, even if you find meditation challenging
  • connect with your Spirit guides, learning to hear their guidance and feel their presence
  • ‘see’ energy psychically, including aura reading
  • do a general reading for another person, which is the training ground for being able to get information for yourself, when you want it, and when you need it.

With this workshop you will also receive the mp3 of Kay’s CD: Meditation for Balancing and Healing and a 36 page pdf booklet containing the complete lesson plan.

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The Distance Learning Workshop Series include the recordings and notes of previously held workshops and webinars divided into three categories: General and Astrology Workshops, Introductory Intuitive Development Workshops and Intermediate to Advanced Intuitive Development Workshops. These recordings allow you to learn from the comfort of your home and at your own pace. Each workshop includes the workshop recordings and the notes and/or charts if applicable. Watch for new postings … many previous workshops are in the process of being converted to this format.