natal chart interpretation - all levels

an evolutionary approach


five Saturdays beginning March 2, 2019

from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm Pacific time •$195


Would you like to look at an astrology chart and know what it means?

If the Moon is square to the Sun, how does that work? Can it be integrated?

Would you like to deepen your fluidity in chart synthesis so you can read a chart “cold”?

If you know something about planets, signs, aspects and houses, this class will teach you how to bring it all together. You can become fluid and easeful with your chart analysis. 

Each week we will work with the chart of a famous person or a group member’s chart

My webinars are small and intimate. You may choose to be on a video feed to talk and ask questions as if we were in a room together. This is a way we can be together yet spread throughout the world. All sessions are recorded as a full video as well as individual mp3 segments for ease of listening if you miss a class.