From the United Astrology Congress Lecture on March 28, 2019 -- Let's go Deeper!

From the United Astrology Congress Lecture on March 28, 2019 -- Let's go Deeper!


Lunation Cycles - The basics plus chartwork webinar


Lunation phase refers to the unique relationship between the Sun and the Moon in the natal chart when we were born. The connectivity between the power, identity and worldly/ego choice function of the Sun and the soul and heart centered consciousness of the Moon reflects a significant part of our soul's journey as well as personality characteristics.

We may be a New Moon person -- jumping into life with enthusiasm, a Full Moon person, experiencing radiance and accomplishment ... or a Balsamic, waning Moon Person, sensitive and retreat driven, in the world and not of it... and everything in between. There are four main phases and four secondary divisions to consider.

As we move through life, the calculation of progressions indicates the ever evolving relationship between the Sun and Moon as we transform and grow. Thus in any moment, our current phase may be similar to the natal phase or vastly different. We are in harmony with ourself, or we feel in inner conflict. Are we beginning anew? ... or completing, ready for rest and retreat?

If you would like to know more about Moon phases, you will have immediate access to this material when you sign up.

The webinar on June 23rd will allow us the opportunity to evaluate many charts and personal stories -- the charts we bring to the class and famous charts -- to learn more about this fascinating topic. 

Lunar Cycles is accessible for new astrology students as well as intermediate/advanced.

$40 Fee includes UAC lecture recording, powerpoint material, detailed notes PLUS two hour webinar workshop on June 23rd -- online if you can make it -- recordings posted to course website if you prefer.