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OPA Integrative Consulting Skills: iAstrologer

This program offers training in the unique consultation skills required to integrate client-centered counseling with astrological expertise. This allows us to offer a dynamic, transformational and truly professional astrology consultation. 

We will explore how to hold space to create a supportive environment, plus all of the counseling basics of clear communication skills, developing rapport, and balancing between engaging the client in dialog and “giving” the reading. We believe powerful consultations require mindfulness, deepened awareness and ongoing self-examination. Rather than just learn the basics of empathic counseling language, we will work to become truly empathic and self-aware so that these skills flow naturally from our own evolved perspectives. 

As we reflect on our own issues that influence our professional work as consulting astrologers, we will delve into common challenges related to ethics, boundaries, cross-cultural issues and the unconscious effect of language, personal beliefs and philosophies.