Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I really need the exact birth time?

Yes, please. The exact birth time allows the astrology chart to be accurate, detailed and specific especially as it relates to areas of your life, like work, relationship, finances, etc. Because of my intuitive abilities, in the past I was willing to do readings without the birthtime, and I will also look at the charts of people you know without the time to understand what you need to know as it relates to key relationships. But as I have transitioned to more astrology and less intuitive work, I have come to the point where a complete accurate birth chart is essential. For more information on obtaining your birth certificate go to the Steven Forrest website. There you will find state by state information on how to get a copy of your birth certificate. If the birth records do not have a time, you can also get your chart rectified by a specialist astrologer.

2. How often should I get a reading?

It depends on the type of reading. It’s best not to ask the same questions over and over to Spirit. The answers dilute and are not as accurate. You can get different astrology readings about different areas of life, going into depth in each one, or getting the perspective from different types of astrologers. My work includes clairvoyant channeling, astrology and guided processwork. Many people see me regularly, including weekly scheduled sessions. In this case we begin each session with current questions, either topical matters or issues from the past that have risen to consciousness to understand more deeply. Then we process, heal and integrate the energy. As long as you are open to going deeper and understanding your life in a more spiritual way, then we can do regular sessions. Trust your intuition to tell you how often to set up appointments.

3. What should I do to get ready for the session?

Spend a little time thinking about what you want to ask about. Some people set up a list where they write things down when they pop into their head. Sometimes there’s a sense that your Spirit guides are helping you get ready, reminding you of issues you would like to question or heal.

4. Do I have Spirit guides?

Everyone has Spirit guides, we couldn’t possibly survive without help from the Spirit plane. Most people have 3 to 12 around them, with one who is often a very significant life long companion. We hear them even when we don’t realize they’re talking to us. Their guidance often feels like sudden ideas or a conversation in our head. It’s easier than you might realize to develop you intuition. The Intuitive Training workshops provide a solid, safe foundation.

5. What is the difference between a two hour session and 90 minutes?

The difference between two hour and a 60 or 90 minute session will be that in the two hour session you may choose to have the focus on an orderly reading of soul purpose, planets, houses and aspects — using the astrological language to teach you how to read your chart (at any session you can ask for more or less astrological language–and a copy of your chart if you are learning astrology). In a 90 min or two hour session you could probably have enough time for a regular consultation plus some healing processwork.

6. Do I need to meditate?

A meditation practice is essential for spiritual and intuitive development, and just for being able to stay calm and centered in the midst of the changes we’re in these days. Your spiritual meditation may be Buddhist, Vipassana, Hindu chants, Christian prayer or reflection, yoga, tai chi, conscious walking or running, or any other meditation that speaks to you. The key is to search for the practice that resonates with you and find time in your schedule to practice regularly. You can start slowly, with just a few minutes here and there, but as you build to a regular practice will be amazed with the way you change over time.

A guided visualization meditation uses your psychic powers (we all have some) to focus your energy on creating changes in some way. The Meditation for Balance and Healing CD focuses your healing energies of correcting imbalances in your aura and chakras. The value of the psychic style meditation is that it gives your mind something to focus on leading to a greater ability to stay centered and focused. At the same time you are actually creating healing changes in your aura by visualizing them.