Kay Taylor is a compassionate and experienced intuitive guide who integrates evolutionary astrology with her natural psychic abilities and healing gifts cultivated for over thirty years.

KayTaylor.2016.final72.crop1As a well respected professional astrologer she is able to see what your path and current cycles ask of you. Her psychic gifts allow her to see you clearly and accurately on many levels, to know the higher truth of your challenges and to answer your specific questions. Her sessions empower you and help you develop trust in your own intuition. Her vision and words are comforting in this period of accelerated growth.

Although you may always choose just to have a counseling/reading style session, deeper healing may be accomplished through Kay’s unique blend of guided inner processwork: “Integrative Intuitive Healing.” This powerful energy work is based on psychosynthesis (a spiritual psychology), hypnotherapy and energy healing that can be done in person or can be distance healing.

Whether your session involves healing and integrating subconscious parts or moving back into past life energies, these processes allow you to shift old habit patterns and make positive choices more easily, eliminating the sense of struggle.

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Check out Kay’s book, Soul Path Way which integrates all of her work. Identify your soul path, heal blockages, develop your intuition, and learn to create and live a more authentic life. This book makes a great gift!

Soul Path Way is available on this website and on Amazon, including Kindle edition. Once you have purchased your copy, go to Soul Path Way – A Personal Journey for a free companion website to connect to bonus Reflection material and from which to download meditation mp3’s

Listen to Suzannah Scully podcast as she interviews Kay about Soul Path Way (38 min)



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Sessions can be done over the phone or Skype from anywhere in the world. In-person sessions can be done in Kay’s Bay Area office in Emeryville (Monday through Thursday–including evenings–and some Friday/Saturday times)

What Kay's Clients Have to Say…

  • “Kay was warm, smart and right on the money.” -P.F., Mill Valley, CA

  • “The astrology and psychosynthesis work she does, coupled with her amazing gifts of intuition, is helping me integrate and come into acceptance of all parts of myself. No other healer has so fully impacted my life in such a profound way.” -K.Z., Mill Valley, CA

  • “I found Kay’s work deep, penetrating and unquestionably wise. The more I listened to the recording, the more I received. Kay holds a special kind of transmission. She speaks clearly, directly, and honestly so there is no doubt in her words.” -P.S., Marin, CA

  • “Literally in the first three minutes of the reading I was floored by the quality of her seeing. Kay brought such depthful presence and clear insight.” -S.B., Oakland, CA

  • “…The combination of astrological and intuitive reading is well balanced and deep.” -J.A.

  • “…We felt a deep sense of being heard, seen and understood regarding the issues we faced as a couple.” -J.R., Grass Valley

  • “…Kay’s insight and intuitive ability to hone in on my chart and what it says, has always put me back on my path” -J.C., Brown’s Valley

  • “…Kay helped me see the bigger picture which was so effective in my decision making process.” -C.L.

  • “…After a session or a class with Kay, I feel grounded, enlightened and loved.” -G.W., Pleasanton

  • “…Kay is compassionate and understanding with a sense of humor…” -J.B., Spokane

  • “…Kay guides with strength, confidence, love, understanding and wisdom.” -A. B., Switzerland

  • “…She is truly tapped into the wisdom and signs of the Spirit world and presents her information in a totally accessible and relatable way.” -A.V. Portland

  • “…After going to many psychics and healers, she is one of the few that have remained whose insight I trust.” -R.S., Japan

  • “…Kay is a treasure – the real deal, down to earth – felt like I was with someone who is a master at her craft.” -J. K.

  • “…Her psychic ability is impressive, accurate and insightful.” -A.K.

  • “…For the past 22 years, I have trusted Kay’s laser-like powers of perception and deepening wisdom to guide me through the various passages. She is grounded as she is clairvoyant. She is the real deal.” -D.G.

  • “…She has a unique combination of psychic ability and a vast array of modalities that have helped me heal both old wounds and manage current life problems with greater clarity.” -A.J.

  • “…I love the blend of psychic vision, intuitive knowing, and astrological wisdom that Kay brought to my time with her. What an amazingly valuable hour” -S.W.

  • “…Kay is accurate, focused, compassionate, and gets to the heart of the matter.” -L.B.

  • “…Her interpretation of my chart has given me a greater perspective on love, work, relationships and my higher purpose that other astrologers hadn’t mentioned” -A.K., San Francisco