Certification Curriculum

 If you are called to a professional path as an astrologer, intuitive or healer -- or all of the above, consider the Soul Path School Certification Program 

This program will:

  • Teach you Evolutionary Astrology from chart synthesis through transits, progressions and other core astrological techniques

  • Develop and deepen your intuitive skills so that you get information when you need it and are comfortable trusting and sharing your insights

  • Teach you the spiritual psychological of psychosynthesis—from the heart of this empathic philosophy to practical ways to integrate healing processes into consultations. When blended with astrology, “astrosynthesis” helps people resolve and heal hard aspects within the chart

  • Cultivate ethics, compassion and superb counseling skills

  • Integrate astrology, intuition and astrosynthesis into a dynamic consultation

  • Deepen your own spiritual path so you are an authentic guide for others

    The training will be offered as

  • small group webinars you can attend from anywhere in the world

  • optional in person classes & workshops

  • self-paced online courses

  • dynamic retreats to connect and practice.

There are Four Pathways of learning in the program

1. Evolutionary Astrology

  • 1.1 Essentials of Evolutionary Astrology – planets, signs, aspects, houses & the basics of the karmic story – Self-paced online - for more info or to register

  • 1.2 Intermediate Astrology One - Cycles of Evolution – Predictive Cycles: Transits, Progressions & Solar Returns; asteroids, fixed stars, dispositors and sign rulership, deeper levels of synthesis — Starts September 7, 2019 as webinar cohort class - for more info or to register

  • 1.3 Intermediate Astrology Two - Traditional Techniques - A survey of many traditional astrological subjects, including eclipses, saros cycles, declination, dignities & debilities, horary, electional, planetary cycles and more. Starts October 19, 2019 as webinar cohort class - for more info or to register

  • 1.4 Chart Synthesis – Developing fluency and skill in chart synthesis - available as an online self-paced course soon

  • 1.5 Relationship Astrology - available as online self-paced course soon

  • 1.6 Astrosynthesis – Integrating The Planets as Inner Parts blends astrology and psychosynthesis in a practical way - available as online self-paced course soon.

  • 1.7 Consulting Skills – ethics, empathy, counseling skills, communication and consciousness — Can be taken through OPA Professional Astrologer Certification or retreat/workshop with Kay. Also available at the OPA Retreat in Zion National Park, Utah in April, 2020 For updates and details follow the OPA - Organization for Professional Astrology website

  • 1.8 Intuitive Astrologer – Blending astrology & intuition skillfully


  • Astrology, Yoga & Five Elements

  • Advanced Astrologer Practicum - a group to allow you to practice giving readings, receiving feedback and guidance - Two courses just finished. More to be scheduled in 2020

2. Intuitive Mastery

  • 2.1 Access Your Inner Wisdom (intro) – this is now available as a self-paced online course - For more info or to purchase

  • 2.2 Deepen Your Intuitive Wisdom (intermediate) – available as a self-paced online course soon

  • 2.3 Master Your Intuitive Wisdom (advanced) – Saturday morning weekly group begins every five weeks -- Saturday mornings 10 am to noon For more info or to register (subject to approval of registration)

  • 2.4 Intuitive Supervision Group - for individuals blending intuitive skills into a professional practice (as psychics, astrologers, yoga teachers, psychotherapists, coaches) - email for information (meets every two months - subject to approval of registration

  • 2.5 Integrative Intuitive Healing - this healing processwork is based on psychosynthesis principles, hypnotherapy, guided imagery and psychic/energy healing - the philosophy and practice will be available via an online webinar or self-paced online course

  • 2.6 Counseling Skills & Psychosynthesis (advanced level) - this material is covered in all previous courses at an introductory level. Here we will review, dive more deeply into the philosophy of psychosynthesis, and practice in a retreat setting.

3. Spiritual Practice - This course is a combination of study, reading and journaling of one’s daily spiritual practice over 90 days.

  • 3.1 Soul Path Way

  • 3.2 Meditation

  • 3.3 Yoga & Physical Practice

  • 3.4 Sankalpa: Heart Centered Intention

  • 3.5 Daily Practice

  • 3.6 Four Pillars of Healing

4. Spiritdance Mentoring - Heart Centered Business

  • 4.1 Spiritdance 2019 - Launching or Expanding Your Healing Business – from meditative manifestation to writing a Business Plan, plus healing blockages to success. Group calls & private coaching. See Spiritdance 2019 - Starts again in January, 2020 for one year.

  • For Certification in “Soul Path” Astrology, Intuitive Mastery and/or Integrative Healing, all classes must be taken or exempted based on previous experience or training. Spiritual Practice and Business Segment must be taken or exempted.

  • Level One – Have taken all classes and can do a consultation/healing at basic competent level.

  • Level Two – All required classes plus 1 year of supervised experience and demonstrated excellent capabilities.

  • Spiritual consciousness, a sense of ethics and the ability to deliver an empathic, compassionate reading or healing are as important as the astrological and intuitive skill for Certification.

Take the classes you’re interested in, or consider this pathway to certification