At the “Committed” Level, you may have a foundation in astrology, spirituality or metaphysics and now wish to deepen. You can take individual classes or ultimately follow the Soul Path School course of study.

Interactive Webinar Classes: These classes are held in a series of four to eight classes to work in depth and personally. Video is available so that the group may converse naturally in some classes. Others will be be lecture style followed by Q&A. Recordings available in case you miss a class or wish to review.

Classes & Workshops in Person: These may be at Kay’s office/studio or at other venues

Online Courses to Learn at your Own Pace: View and register here for online learning courses that include recordings, notes, exercises and chat with other students or Kay.

Recordings: An diverse selection of classes, lectures, interviews and meditations for listening, in stillness or on the go. Recordings are not interactive but may offer prompts and exercises to do on your own time, at your own pace.

Professional Astrology Lectures: at various conferences and groups are under Professional Astrology and the previous recordings from these and other classes and interviews are in the Store under Recordings.

Private Lessons & Mentoring: Contact Kay or consider joining the Spiritdance 2019 Mentoring Group for a year long program.