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International Vedic Conference in Kolkata, India - Cancelled

Unfortunately, a family medical emergency within the family of the founder and organizer of this conference has caused this conference to be postponed until most likely early 2021. We send wishes of healing and positive results.

However, now you have more time to plan to join the world’s leading astrologers and hear Kay deliver her lecture on “The Healing Potential of Relationship Astrology” at this 30th Annual International Vedic Conference.

After the conference, Kay will be leading a special “Divine Healing Retreat” in Kerala, India — on the southwest coast of the Indian Ocean (new dates to be announced). There are many flights across India from Kolkata to Trivandrum in the Kerala area. If you are interested in both this amazing East-West Conference plus a restful, healing retreat afterward, this could be the India trip of a lifetime. For more about the Divine Healing Retreat

IVC welcomes international astrologers whether they are Western astrologers who follow the traditional or psychological approach, Vedic astrologers or research astrologers who use statistical methods to demonstrate validity. Their aim is to learn from each other in a safe environment that enhances scholarship as well as unity.

In this 2020 conference, there are pre-conference workshops on February 4th and 5th and many fascinating tracks to choose from on February 6th & 7th, closing on the 8th.

in addition to a rich, learning environment, this organization believes astrologers should enjoy and celebrate being together. 

“There will be music and laughter and oh yes, there will be dancing!”

To learn more or register for the conference, visit the IVC website.