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Astrosynthesis Level One

Four Saturday personal webinar classes from 1 pm to 2:30 pm

Astrosynthesis + Astrology plus Synthesis

Would you like to be able to synthesize those tough planets in your chart?

Or help others connect to these inner archetypes in a healing way?

This four week class will teach you about the history and philosophies of psychosynthesis, a rich spiritual psychology that dovetails with astrology beautifully. You will learn how to use empathic language as a healing tool, pick up on astrological characters as they arise in conversation, and then discover how to lead a person in a guided meditation to integrate hard aspects in the chart, including the lunar nodes, the key to discovering your soul path. These skills take your astrological practice from information to transformation.

Although this class is geared toward astrologers and senior students, you can use these skills to heal yourself through the lens of your astrology chart.