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OPA Integrative Consulting Skills - Edmonton, Canada

The National Canadian Conference in 2019 will be held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada from September 13-15, 2019. Kay, born and raised in Canada, lived in Edmonton for three years before moving to San Francisco in 1978. We’ve all come a long way since then! 

Edmonton has grown into a very cool city, and Kay is thrilled to be called back home to offer one of OPA’s signature training programs for professional astrologers.

This three day training program is designed for aspiring or professional astrologers, and offers a unique and transformative consulting skills training so that you can offer a skillful, healing astrological consultation.

We will explore

  • how to create a supportive environment

  • effective communication skills

  • how to develop rapport and empathy

  • finding the right balance between engaging the client in dialogue and giving the reading

  • diversity and cross-cultural awareness

This process requires mindfulness, inner work and deepened awareness on the part of the astrologer. We can’t just learn how to communicate differently; it is essential we deepen and transform personally, reflecting on personal issues and bias that may influence our client interactions.

We will explore common challenges related to ethics, boundaries, and the unconscious effect of language, personal beliefs and philosophies as we deepen both awareness and practical skills.

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 9 am to 4:30 pm

This training is part of OPA’s (Organization for Professional Astrologers) Certification Program and is co-taught by Kay Taylor and Calgary astrologer, Donna Young.

You may be a brand new astrologer, about to launch a practice, or one with many years of experience. All who have taken this training were transformed in their approach and confidence level.

Cost will be for the training + lodging & food additional.

Click the link below to indicate your interest. You will get first opportunity to register.

To learn more about becoming a Certified Astrologer with OPA - Organization for Professional Astrology - click here.