Where in the World is Sanity?

Remember “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” I want to yell, "Where in the World is Sanity?

I've been channeling information about Earth Changes for thirty-five years, using astrology as an additional guide for most of that time. Year after year, decade after decade, the messages I received turned out to be true. Some of you have known me that long. We’ve been through everything together. I’ve guided you through Y2K, the (not) end of the world in 2012, plus out of the stock market, into houses, out of houses, through births and deaths, not to mention some dramatic love affairs.

Recently I find it harder to surrender to the process, to trust my own inner guidance.

I don’t usually write about politics much because fundamentally I support everyone’s right to their own beliefs. I try to be open minded and supportive of everyone. But we’re beyond politics now. We’ve got a lot to contend with: global warming, Russian collaboration, fires and floods, fake news so bad it’s hard to trust anything.

Life seemed to unfold for decades according to prediction (mine and others) until George Bush (who now seems an intelligent and nuanced leader) was elected the second time and we rode into the Iraq war. Naively, I thought we were further along than that. I don’t like war. I don’t care who starts it or what it’s supposed to solve. It’s confusing to figure out who is right and who is wrong but it is clear that it’s always about money.

My Spirit guides said, “Tell everyone to stay grounded in their heart. Be Love. Be the changes you wish for. All of the seeds have been planted. The transformation is coming. The old structures will fall down and dissolve for the new to emerge. It will be hard to watch the destruction. Don’t watch too much news. Don’t get drawn into the fear.

I’ve been passing that message along faithfully, doing my best to believe it too.

When Obama came along with Change—and Hope too, I breathed a sigh of relief, along with many of you. But it wasn’t as much change as I wanted, sorry to say. And although I love his energy, Michelle’s even more, we didn’t get all the change we were promised (partly his Aquarius rationalizing detached soul, partly obstructionism), plus we definitely received a huge backlash. The racist underbelly of this country raged with fury. Hope died… or is perhaps on life support.

Even back in the 1980’s, my guides always said the world would be dark between 2012 and 2017 — or 2018. There was never a lot of clarity about the actual turning point. Psychically my visions looked like a Noah’s ark cartoon. The world was covered with black thick water. Like black oil, actually. Hmmm… As it receded, the mountains rose, a few sprouts and leaves grew. A bird landed. Life returned. Perhaps some hope too. I feel the hope returning with some of the younger politicians, younger political enthusiasts, and many projects throughout the world to create needed changes.

I had another psychic vision in the 80’s that is just now making sense. I did a hypnotic life progression (rather than regression) to see myself in the years after 2012. I expected to be standing at a podium: speaking, lecturing, books written. I could see this teaching in the future— and that did happen. 

But the more relevant and interesting part of the vision was that I foresaw a huge thick layer of souls around the entire globe. They were working together energetically, creating a massive psychic gridwork of healing energy. I interpreted this to believe we would be working in 5th Dimensional reality by this time (2017 and geyond). Earth is normally 3rd Dimensional; 4th Dimensional psychic/energetic fields began building after 2000.

I wasn’t sure if this group of planetary healers would be incarnated as humans in bodies or not.

Now that we’re in 2019, I can interpret that vision with more certainty. We are both a massive group of souls incarnated in bodies AND we are connected throughout the world psychically. There are also many Spirit helpers working with us. The gridwork around the planet is thick and deep. 

This connectivity includes the internet. We are connected internationally in ways none of us could possibly imagine in the 80s and before. Our group energies are, and are capable of, working toward true progress because we have instant knowledge of everything that’s happening. This can also work against our efforts as we know too much too fast and become discouraged.

We ARE creating a new world as the old world crashes. 

The human biological survival mechanism tunes us to the negative, to fear pictures. It is easy to become overwhelmed, afraid of the changes, shocked by the authoritarianism and racism, in this country and even in the countries we rely on for their progress and vision… Canada, Netherlands, France. Where is the sanity? What can we do?

Spirit speaks: ” Tell them to stay connected to each other. Help those in need. Open hearts and open doors. Do not believe the massive news agenda. Be real. Be honest. Be the change you believe in.”

The current planetary energy is radical, changeable, alive, disruptive. We are guided to let go of old patterns of overwork and rigid thinking. To do more self-care. Give and receive love. Create circles of trusted family and friends. 

Politically life is unstable, corruption in every direction, yet here and there we can see (if we look) the blades of fresh grass and sapling trees, lotuses emerging out of the muck. Change will occur from the ground up, steeped in conscious values as we support each other and our communities.

Where in the World is Sanity?

Sanity is within us when we slow down and breathe. When we are quiet. In nature. We may find sanity in connected moments with each other, aligning around causes that make sense to us, speaking truth loud and clear.

It sounds corny, but it helps to remember we are each a vast and powerful soul, overlapping as one vibration at the highest levels, and we’re also having a human experience. The humanness is real—and it’s not real at all. When we wake up from this dream we’ll be in the Oneness with Republicans, Democrats and Independents, laughing and floating through the Cosmos.

And so I pray we can relax a bit into that Oneness now, finding sanity wherever we can, remembering we are living in a world that is in dynamic transition.