Navigating the Tides of March

I have to admit. I feel tired. Most people I talk to feel it. The exhaustion of too many issues, holding all the balls up in the air.

We’re swimming in the deep oceans of Pisces energy, dreamy and a little sleepy. Will it all dissolve, can we merge with the divine, surrender into what is offered? What is truth? Who is lying? Are we deceiving ourselves? Are we drawn to escape, feeling powerless and confused? Can we hold intention and manifest a greater reality? These are the questions we will muse on this month. 

We’re also experiencing a shift in waking up energy. Since 2010 the individual need to be free has been shaking us up, revolutions exploding around us. On a personal level we might think of breaking out of old habit patterns, rebelling against the family imprint—teenage rebellions or mid-life crises. Although we may simply pivot on a dime, surprising ourselves, as we deepen into the energy of March we are in a new seven year period of changing the way we care for ourselves and for the planet. We move beyond the wake up call into appropriate action.

What radical change do you need personally?

What messages are you receiving from your body? Listen and act.

What is your role in planetary transformation? Be the change. Act. Think it, feel it, connect with others who are creating the new paradigm.

And enjoy this month’s swim.


And the astrology behind the message:

The Sun is in Pisces from February 18th to April 20th. We have a Pisces New Moon, a sweet new start on March 6th at 8:04 am Pacific time. Mercury turns retrograde at 29 degrees of Pisces on March 5th and moves direct on the 28th. That means pretty much the whole month of March is in a review of illusion and delusion, personal and global. Our thinking and communication may not be linear, or even accurate, but hopefully we will have the tendency toward deeper levels of compassion. This is the swim. Sleep, retreat, meditate. Don’t try to launch too much this month unless it’s necessary.

The other big event in March is Uranus, the Aquarian planet, is moving into Taurus on March 6th for seven years!!!! (Uranus likes exclamation marks because they look like lightning.) Uranus is the planet of awakening and liberation at the highest spiritual expression, or simply revolution, disruption, radical change and authentic freedom. This dynamic planet has been in Aries pretty much since May of 2010. During this time we’ve experienced revolutions throughout the world. Aries is the sign of the individual, the need for freedom and a sense of aliveness, often fought for with courage and bravery. 

Last May, 2018, Uranus dipped into the sign of Taurus (May 15 to November 6) giving us a brief preview of the upcoming seven years. I’ve been amazed at the changes in individual’s lives that were triggered during that time and will now begin to gain momentum. Since Taurus is solidly connected to the earth, our sense of global warming and environmental issues has deepened since this time. We’re experiencing the shock energy of Uranus — do we have 12 more years or 30?—yet now it will be paired with the solid, practical, there’s-work-to-be-done vibe of Taurus. Will we have innovation and radical change to deal with this planet’s plight? Will the planet shake us around? Or will we disconnect, dissociate and tune out? Whatever we do we’ll be thrust into change more quickly than we might wish for. And the cure will be our alignment with fast, radical change — accomplished with the easeful grace and hard work of Taurus.