The Wild Ride of Summer

Hang onto your hat... and your breath

Ready or not, the eclipses are coming!

Eclipses are Full Moons and New Moons with extra soul path firepower. In general, Full Moons indicate completion and culmination of what we’ve been working on; New Moons represent a new start. Because these Moon events in July and August are connected to the karmic energy of the Sun/Moon nodal axis (with added Mars activating force), they trigger us to release what we must let go of to align with highest path. And, they often drop us exactly where we need to be.

Again, ready or not.

So getting ready for change is the order of the day.

How to get ready? 

Begin by slowing down so that you can feel what’s truly going on for you. Luckily it’s summer, always a retrograde time, the time to review and contemplate.

  • How are you feeling about your life? 
  • What are you afraid of lately? 
  • What do you feel you “should” do that you don’t want to do? 
  • What do you feel called to that seems challenging or impossible?
  • Where is the flow? Where is the stuck energy? 

Moving in alignment with the flow is often good advice, but there are times when facing the stuck places with determination and focus is actually more aligned with higher purpose. Discernment is the key here. Be brave. Think outside of the box. Let go of the idea there’s plenty of time. Get ready emotionally to shift and change, maybe even move (new job, new home, new relationships?). Let go of attachment, always a good idea. 

Know that although the trigger for eclipse life changes occurs around the eclipse dates, there are waves for each eclipse that deepen the energy every three months after that.  These waves often bring about the actual real life change. 

So if you’re thinking a current situation is not working and it’s been very clear to you during the past few weeks, expect some movement — even mental/emotional shifts — during the eclipses in July and August, a shift with the three month mini wave, and perhaps the final result by the end of the year or early January. The six month waves occur around November and December and specifically there is a significant Solar Eclipse on January 5th at 15 degrees of Capricorn.

We will experience three eclipses over the next weeks:

July 12th Solar Eclipse at 20:41 Cancer @ 8:01 pm Pacific time (if you have planets/angles from 17-24 degrees of Cancer, Capricorn, Libra or Aries this will trigger you to consider starting something new that is in alignment with your path). 

This Solar Eclipse is the first one in the Cancer/Capricorn series that will affect all of us for the next 18 months. Change is occurring in a new segment of your life — strongly and powerfully if you have planets/angles in these signs, and more as background if you don’t.

A good strategy for eclipses is to begin a meditation at least 15 minutes before the exact eclipse time so that you are in meditation during. If the eclipse is in the middle of the night it's okay to do the meditation before bedtime. The first part of meditation is always the breath. Deep slow breaths. Come back to yourself. Remember who you are at the core.

For a Solar Eclipse, set an intent just before the eclipse is exact to hold the mind focused on creation, new starts, heart's desire and soul's purpose. This is an initiating eclipse. Allow it to give energy to your highest purpose. As you hold the intention, also hold intention that a higher result that you haven't even thought of could manifest. Be clear, direct and yet also open and surrendering. (read my book, Soul Path Way, for detailed information on the nuances of manifestation)

We will experience the final two eclipses in the Leo/Aquarius series we’ve been in since early 2017. Think of this as the time to move toward finalization of changes that began last year. 

July 27th Lunar Eclipse at 4:45 Aquarius @ 1:22 pm Pacific time (if you have planets/angles from 1-8 degrees of Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio or Taurus this will trigger you to complete something that is karmically finished).

Lunar Eclipses are also a good moment to meditate. In this case you are contemplating what you wish to release or let go of. It is good to hold heart centered gratitude for all that has been accomplished and all that will be done. Surrender and release all that no longer serves you, whether you know what that is or not.

August 11th Solar Eclipse at 18:42 Leo @ 2:46 am Pacific (if you have planets/angles from 15-22 degrees of Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio or Taurus you will be triggered to consider a new start that is in alignment with your path).

Be patient with the process. And be patient with yourself and others. We have a lot of retrograde energy this summer, more than usual even, and this means that while being triggered to begin anew and let go of the old, some changes (usually the ones we wish for) just won’t move as fast as we might like them to (while the ones we are definitely not wishing for seem to jump right into place!). 

The summer is normally slowed down "retrograde season." Whenever I use those words the Billie Holiday song "Summertime... and the livin' is easy.." stroll-sings into my mind, Janis Joplin's voice still resonant. We all ought to be floating in a lazy river, contemplating the meaning of life.

We are accustomed to the outer transformational planets slowing us down in this way, but this summer the current Mars retrograde slows down or unexpectedly stops new projects. Mars is also dancing in a challenging relationship with the innovative yet erratic energy of the planet Uranus. Expecting the unexpected and holding on is the advice particularly designed for this wild ride. Definitely a going forward with brakes on, around hairpin turns while dancing on the roof. The summer as a sideshow!

Then Mercury will go retrograde on August 18 for three weeks, so just as we're getting ready for our autumn beginnings we'll be faced with more review and unexpected changes of mind.

With all of this, there aren’t great dates this summer to begin new projects, but if you have to start something it would be best to wait until after the Solar Eclipse on the 12th and before Mercury goes retrograde on the 25th of July--a nice little window of possibility.

While many people are not responding well to the current planetary energy — extra angry and impatient, changeable and erratic, we are challenged to come back to our heart, again and again. If we lose ourselves in the outrage and polarization in the world, it affects our ability to focus on solutions.

Connection builds healing pathways. Love heals. We can fight injustice without becoming jaded and dark ourselves, yet it takes spiritual diligence to hold the higher vision. Meditation is our friend and solace more than ever before.

Imagine the world you wish for

Focus trust, delight and gratitude for on many beautiful souls doing healing, reparative work

Contribute your gifts

Embody tangible action

Remember our spiritual power is a great force to accomplish Oneness