Warren Buffett: Billionaire Bath Taker

The news this morning is that Warren Buffett called the CEO of Bank of America and offered to invest $5 billion in the company to help them out, immediately raising B of A stock 12% but also ensuring some likely sweet profits for Buffett. I've been interested in Buffett since I saw an interview of a young woman who wrote his biography for him, and she talked about how calm, relaxed and balanced he was as he went through life. Recently he suggested that the ultra wealthy really should pay more taxes, and he has been getting billionaires to sign a pledge to give away half of their wealth by the end of their lives to charitable causes. Last I heard he had 40 signers. That's a lot of money. What an interesting human!

But what really tickled me this morning was this line:

"Buffett told CNBC he had never spoken to Bank of American CEO Brian Moynihan before Wednesday, and that he dreamed up the idea while taking a bath"

Basically he's telling us that creative ideas come to us when we're relaxing, that we're more intuitive then, that we 'dream up' ideas. I so agree with this. When we have problems to solve, too much thinking blocks our creativity and often moves us into stress and anxiety, lost in habit loops of the mind.

So as we come into the last day of the Mercury retrograde, getting ready for the New Moon in Virgo on Sunday -- lots of initiating, moving forward energy in the next month, let's take a bath, a walk, a dip in the pool. We'll meet in creative dreamland, solving problems and creating magical solutions!

For astrology buffs: I wanted to see where the water is in his chart, knowing there would have to be. He's a Virgo sun sign with Neptune conjunct, adding that watery Piscean flair for compassion and concern for those less fortunate with a strong alignment to service. Additionally he has Pluto, Jupiter and Mars all in Cancer. Pluto is often associated with wealth and power, Jupiter with fortune, and they square his nodes of the Moon, indicating he really has to own those energies well to find the independence, freedom and aliveness he seeks for this life. The New Moon on Sunday will be right on his Sun.