Venus Alignment on June 8, 2004

On June 8th, Venus is in a rare alignment with the earth which is said to be another transition point in the deepening consciousness of the planet--an influx of the Divine Feminine energy for healing. The transit begins building energy on the 6th and wanes by the 10th. This is a good period for extra prayer, meditation and conscious connection with the higher frequencies of healing and love.

March 2, 2004 - Welcome to the new website: This is where I have always planned to write regular messages and yet the logistics were challenging. Now that I've learned to do the website myself, hopefully I'll be much more regular with messages and articles. Feel free to use the email link above to ask for information on subjects which might be of interest to you and the readers of the site. I will write responses as I am able. I will leave previous messages as long as they are pertinent.As I review the November 4th letter about the Harmonic Concordance, I am remembering the meditation on that day. I was personally amazed by the powerful, loving vibration I felt coming into the planetary field. I knew it would be powerful, but the graciousness of the love was inspiring. I received a very clear message that we would be surprised by some of the acts of love which come to our attention in the next few years. Sometimes it's difficult to see the transformation through the veils of sadness and pain, and yet I know we are in the midst of a great evolution, requiring courage and faith to stay steady with our vision of healing ourselves and the planet.
November 4, 2003 - Harmonic Concordance: Many of you may have already heard of the Harmonic Concordance, a rare and powerful astrological configuration that will be exact on Saturday November 8 at 5:14 pm California time. This alignment has not ever happened on the earth before and astrologically has the capacity to bring a higher frequency, healing, spiritual energy to the planet and to each of us individually. I would say this is the first grounding of fifth dimensional frequency on the planet, much like the Harmonic Convergence grounded fourth dimensional frequency on the planet in the late 80s, which then became fully manifest in the late 90's. So for approximately 10 years we lived in split frequencies--the old, solid format, with the ability to connect with the higher frequency if we chose. In fourth dimension, telepathy and connectedness is stronger and the movement of time and energy is faster. During the last few years since this grounded, many people have become connected to their own intuitive abilities and there has been a great opening to spiritual and peaceful thought, yet at the same time it seems as if there is more war, greed and suffering occurring and certainly brought to our attention. This is normal in the healing crisis stage. The old must play itself out to be healed fully.
The fifth dimensional frequency ultimately is amazing spiritually and energetically and we will have approximately 10 years in my opinion to get used to working with it before it grounds fully on the planet. This will be at the time that many forecasters see to be a time of great upheaval on the planet; however by choosing to be part of the higher frequency now and getting used to the faster manifesting energies that it brings will allow us to survive and thrive in those difficult years. This is a time to understand and live the path of connectedness with all beings and to learn to be very clean in thought, word and action.
It is important to keep our thoughts clear and positive during the powerful energetic transmission this weekend, especially all day Saturday. I have heard that a group is doing a OM meditation from 5 to 5:30 pm CA time to empower the shift and I would suggest that everyone participates in this process and meditates as much as possible on the day as well. In addition you might want to look at your own astrological chart to see where the alignment impacts you directly and participate consciously in letting go of old patterns in the areas indicated and choosing to move forward in areas where undoubtedly you're already feeling the push. The alignment includes a lunar eclipse in Scorpio/Taurus, so we have Scorpio Sun, Pisces Mars and Saturn in Cancer forming one grand trine. Then the moon in Taurus, Jupiter in Virgo, and Chiron in Capricorn, forms the other grand trine. Together this forms a six pointed star, the Star of David. The configuration is constellated around 16 degrees. As with all spiritual shifts, there are sometimes traumatic world and weather events which occur. It is important to keep our perspective of love and peace throughout all challenges.