The Wave of the Tsunami

I have received several requests to give meaning to the loss and suffering as a result of the tsunami in Asia. Although those of us who consider ourselves spiritual or metaphysical often like to think in terms of lessons and growth through painful experiences, in traumatic experiences such as this there is a way that any discussion on that level seems insensitive and trite, at the very least.
I find that in the face of vast suffering, all we can do is acknowledge the suffering with our hearts and understand that this is the nature of life in physical reality. We can hold a place of compassion and we can do whatever our personal part is, whether it is to send money or join a fundraising event or become part of an organization that provides disaster relief. We each know inside to what we are called.
We are part of a giant ecosystem of plants, animals and various interrelated energies. We seem to be out of balance at this time, although a review of history will uncover no less suffering in the past. This feels like a huge suffering because of the number of souls involved in so many ways, just as we felt the suffering of the World Trade towers and we are all feeling, every day in every moment, the suffering of poverty and disease and loss everywhere. One of the big differences of our time is that the media exposes many details of what’s going on around the world. The mainstream media picks its favorite causes, but the alternative media uncovers the less popular visions of trauma. Either way, death and destruction is no longer a distant idea; we see the graphic images so much we can so easily go on overload or become immune.
I believe that we all choose our experiences from a soul perspective, so the choice of this many souls to leave at once is a sacrificial message of vast proportions. Is this to call attention to underground nuclear testing? The environment being polluted and ruined beyond repair? Is there a mass exodus of souls from the planet at this time? Are we meant to come together as humans and develop compassion and take the action of caring for others less fortunate very seriously? Yes to all of it, and again, you know where your own heart leads you. To feel unbearable sadness about these and other events of loss is human. To feel joyful and alive and continue to live your truth is also part of your humanness.
I have been given the name of a local Sri Lanka, grass roots organization for donations by a trusted friend:
Sarvodaya USA, 5716 Manchester Avenue #3, Los Angeles, CA 90045
The reason for this particular organization is that apparently Sri Lanka does not have the same infrastructure to provide services that some of the more developed countries do, and this organization is already in place, even in the remotest villages. There are many other organizations available as well. The important thing is that we all do what we can, continue to hold the Light and hold the vision of healing this planet. I wish I could say this is the end of it all and from now on it will only get better, but it looks to me like we’re in for a fair amount of suffering in these next few years of international crisis and earth changes.
More than ever, this is yet another reminder to live each moment fully. We are part of this physical reality for such a brief time.