Still Hopeful

I received a great email from someone who speaks to me regularly and follows my writing:

'I didn’t get the same sense of hope from your last newsletter and posting that you so generously give all the time. I’m really sorry about the tsunami and how these losses must affect you more with your sensitivities to group consciousness. Yet, I don’t think we’re as fragile as we think. Yes, the body is vulnerable, but the spirit is not. I think you are the person who really has that sense that the world will shift through the traumas into a better place, a more evolved consciousness. We have battered the earth…it will roar…and then we will learn to love it like it deserves to be loved. Yes, these world events leave people shaking, but those traumas can, as you’ve given me so much wisdom, bring better lives, and a better world. I know that you and I are right in that those of light will lift this planet to a better experience for all.'

I really appreciated receiving this encouragement, and perhaps a gentle chastisement for being less than uplifting. It reminds me of having taught my children so well that years ago when I asked my young son to bring his bike in from in front of the house so it would be safe, he replied, 'but Mom, I already surrounded it with white light!!' Busted in my moment of fear and so-called reality!

I am still hopeful. I know we are on a path to higher consciousness. I have been channeling about the unfolding earth and consciousness changes since the mid 80's. My guides have told me directly that all is unfolding exactly as it should and we simply need to stay heart centered and focused on solutions for all of the earth's problems, each of knowing our piece of the puzzle, working together. Yet there are moments for all of us when we look around at some of the monumental issues and calamities that the solutions seem daunting. There is suffering that our empathic hearts can feel overwhelmed by. To be able to flow from our darker feelings to our lighter senses of joy and optimism and anywhere in between without judgment or hesitation makes us fully human and alive.

That's when we need the eyes of the child, the knowing that the present moment is all that really counts, and that yes, ultimately it's all going to be okay.