Spring Detox -- of Everything

We arrived in Spring with Mars, the planet of action, aligning with Saturn, the planet of discipline. This is not happy bunny energy.

Depending on where it affected you, you might have felt like you were going forward with the breaks on. Or perhaps you (and those around you) had more than the usual levels of frustration. Or intense motivation.

This powerful duo sharing space in the sky created a capacity for fiery initiative and willpower merged with long term agenda and a mandate for success. Their team power is now slowly dissolving, but the long term agenda remains and will be strong throughout the next few years. We are restructuring many of the issues, personally and globally, that the transformative intensity of Pluto in Capricorn has been bringing to Light since 2008.

For me, I was compelled by the Universe (or a technical website glitch — depending on whether you want to see the world as glass half magical or glass half realistic) to create a new website quickly. You will see it in its beta stage when you click on links in this newsletter, although I will not confirm it to be complete nor announce a formal launch until the current retrogrades are through. I will admit this may be more magical thinking. I have a perverse habit of thinking I can outsmart Mercury. So far it has never truly worked out. Yet when something breaks in Mercury retrograde you have to fix it. Life goes on. 

As in spring. It's a time of fresh starts even when Mercury retrograde suggests review. One way to be in alignment with freshness and the retrograde energy (as Mercury goes direct on April 15, Saturn and Pluto go retrograde in the next week) is to do spring cleaning.

On this point, I was encouraged by my friend Anne Ortelee’s little post on April 1st

“Vesta enters Capricorn until December 1 ~ time to tighten up and clean up your various "home" spaces (car, apartment, office & home). Simplify. Clarify. Pitch things out!!”

Yes!! Zen things out. Clear space. Give things away. Organize finances. 

To support us in the organizing finances task, another delightful visionary friend, Vicki Robin, has just re-released an updated version of her amazing book, Your Money or Your Life. Vicki will give you everything you need to know to clean up your financial life, understanding the life force you are expending in daily choices so that you may become more free--and also contribute to a healthier planet.

I can't think about detoxing without looking at the endless news pollution. It really helps to reduce exposure while finding ways to contribute to a new sustainable paradigm. It is absolutely clear to me that the world is being televised as if every single thing happening is an over-the-top wrestling match. I’m opting out of this endlessly televised struggle, reminding myself daily through heart centered practice that we are all One. All of us. We may be wearing different clothes of karmic confusion, but underneath we are all droplets of water of the very same ocean.

Electro Detox. We're going to hear a lot more about this. Many of the sensitives I know are struggling with health issues caused in part by the EMF pollution that is expanding exponentially. We have to find a way to get back to nature, grounding our bare feet on the ground, hugging trees, laying our bodies down on sandy beaches. 

And finally, body detox. What does your body need? We are each so unique and there are so many different belief systems offered to us.

I’ve always been a health nut guinea pig, but have been confused by the conflicting array of theories in the past few years. A wonderful session with my friend Kelley Rush up in Carnation, Washington set me straight with the path of Ayurveda. I’ve know about and integrated some part of this ancient Indian system for decades but hadn’t had professional personal guidance for a long time. Little did I know that I was operating under dated, simplistic information. You can work with Kelley via skype.

Spring detox isn't a selfish or indulgent pursuit. Wherever we feel called to detox, cleanse and simplify our lives, we release an abundant amount of energetic potential. There's more room for essence to shine. With this time and energy available, we can focus our power toward the world we wish to create, personally and globally. 

Mars = action. Saturn = accomplishment