Shake, Rattle & Roll

Internally or externally, directly or symbolically, we are shaking -- and shaking things up. The ground of Mother Earth is shaking and waves are rolling. People are trying to topple corrupt and unjust governments, a trend that is just beginning. Truth is emerging, karma is visible everywhere. No one is immune.

Many are experiencing internal shaking too. Sometimes it's so strong for me that I imagine an earthquake is beginning. On another day we actually had an earthquake here in the Bay and I figured it was just my internal shaking again and didn't pay it much attention. Since I'd experienced a lot of kundalini style shaking many years ago I was a bit surprised when a new kind of shaking began occurring in the last couple of years, and so many people asked me about it in readings.

Another common experience many have asked about in the past weeks has been to feel hours of bliss or euphoria followed by feelings of depression, hopelessness and a feeling of being stuck in aspects of living that just aren't working anymore.

I believe all of this is due to rapid acceleration of spiritual growth, the nervous system shifting to receive higher frequency energies, the rise of kundalini and the release of karmic patterns. It's possible that a feeling of internal shaking could be related to a medical issue so having a health checkup is a good idea before assuming it's just this evolutionary shift experienced in our bodies. But if your health is clear, meditation will be a good medicine to integrate the energetic changes.

If the shaking feels like it's in the entire core of your body near the spinal column, work with the breath to breathe into the shaking, making sure you feel open at the crown chakra (top of the head) and in the pelvic region and then breathing down into the earth. Visualize all of your chakras opening (my meditation CD can help with that process), and feel the energy running through your legs and feet too.

If kundalini energy is new to you and you especially feel vibration and shaking around the sacrum, you might wish to explore kundalini yoga and a teacher who can really help you navigate through this opening process. Although it is simply a connection to Source, an opening to awakening and being present with your High Self, some people do experience blockages in chakras that ultimately cause them physical issues. Slow, steady opening and particular yogic practices can help.

On the emotional levels, when you feel bliss and happiness, allow yourself to receive these sensations, noticing your enhanced senses of vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell. Be the bliss and be conscious of gratitude for the experience.

On the other hand, when you feel the shift into anger, frustration, depression, or feeling blocked, allow yourself to receive these sensations as well. Lean into the feelings. Breathe into your body to notice where they are living as energy blockages. Notice the story your mind tells you about them, remembering that you are not your feelings, not any of them, 'good' or 'bad'.

Being grateful for these unpleasant feelings is challenging and a bit counter-intuitive, but it also allows us to surrender and shift our experience from the negative story to a feeling of equanimity, from which place we are ready to rock and roll to the next sensation.