Back in the day, when I was a hippie, we used to have an expression:

'What if they gave a war and nobody came?'

Well, what if one dictator or a few ruthless leaders tried to oppress and manipulate and keep all the power and the money, and finally, nobody bought into it. First the young people marched in the streets. Then the older people who thought they had more to lose marched with them. They knew some would probably be hurt or die, but they said it would be better to die and give a chance for others and future generations to live free.

It is the Emperor's New Clothes, the fairy tale of the child who can see that the emperor is really naked, even though his tailor has told him his clothes are made of the finest thread and those around him assure him that his clothes are beautiful. Everyone's afraid to tell the truth, but if one young truthteller speaks out, then another, soon the house of cards begins to fall.

As repressed countries begin to revolt, one by one, we find ourselves in the midst of the predicted revolution. The cardinal climax of last summer, a remarkable configuration of planets in a square formation, plus the continued squares throughout the next several years, plus Pluto in Capricorn until 2023 -- the symbols tell us the magnitude of the change over many years. The old paradigm is ending. The possibility of creating a more equal, spiritually infused world exists -- ultimately. Yet there is a great deal of risk in such radical transformation. We feel excitement and trepidation as we watch the news unfold. I feel proud of young people everywhere, yet aware that the problems to solve require a steady, creative approach over time, and no country is immune from this revolutionary spark. Once ignited it is not controllable, and perhaps it shouldn't be controlled either.

The single most important thing we can do is hold positive, grounded, heartfelt vibration of connectedness with all we see unfolding. It is not just their revolutions, over there, we are a part of it, energetically and to some extent politically. Our western countries have supported various dictatorships over the years, and we have benefited from an unequal power and wealth distribution in the world. The equalization will bring us a more expensive cost of living, but it will bring us more human connectedness and a greater emphasis on what really matters.

I wish we had more agreement in this country and throughout the world. I believe at a core level humans have a great deal of agreement. We all want love and security, freedom and possibility. We want our children to be safe and have good lives. We just don't always agree about how to create that and we become polarized and divided. In America we fight it out as progressives and conservatives, moderates or extremists, various religions and political parties.

We can choose to be angry and hateful to those who hold differing views, or we can allow that sense of separation to dissolve, remembering our connection with each other, the fact we are one at a core spiritual level with every other soul on the planet. This doesn't stop us from working towards goals, volunteering politically, sending money, offering prayers. It is more about attitude, about dropping fear and hatred because those emotions don't move us forward; they keep us stuck in the karma.

This is the ocean and we are each a droplet of water. Wherever the water is polluted each one of us is energetically infused with that pain. Imagining the sun shining on the water and filling the entire ocean with Light is my meditation for the day.