Pisces Eclipse of February 26... Plus the Battle of Dark and Light

The eclipse of February 26th is still operational, and will continue to trigger change, especially every three months (June and September 2017 especially).  What have you been thinking about? What changes seem to be thrust upon you?

This powerhouse of solar eclipse, plus fire planets triggering change at the same time, occurred at 8/9 degrees of Pisces at 6:53 am Pacific on 2/26/17) and has been on my mind for weeks. I am so deeply affected by it in my own chart that writing about it initially was challenging.

This eclipse (and surrounding fire aspects) seemed to evoke fear, stress and anger within many people. You could see it on the streets. Most people I talk to felt triggered about core issues. Rapid changes are already instigated. We're on the hot seat: the decision has been made, now it will be time to act.

On one hand we are asked to surrender and trust the process, the cosmos, the bigger picture. Ideally we channel our spiritual resources. Compassion and empathy will set us free. We realize that we are all in this together. The world is in crisis on many levels in ways we can no longer turn away from, hiding our heads in the Pisces sand, waiting for the coast to be clear.  In each of our personal charts/areas of life, there is a place where we feel confused and overwhelmed, enveloped in the thick tulle fog that can be numbing -- or our doorway to higher consciousness.

On the other hand, Aries energy is potent. Aries ideally represents life force, the core urge to be, and to initiate. Mars in Aries (action/impulsiveness/will) teaming up with Uranus (revolution/radical change), and Eris (disruption) is triggering the Uranus/Pluto square (revolution/transformation) we've been dealing with for years now. Here, Saturn becomes a friend potentially. The trine of Saturn in Sagittarius to all of the Aries planets gives us a bit of an outlet if we take the long term view, in alignment with Truth, to initiate the clearest actions possible. Jupiter in Libra (balanced truth) also attempts to slow things down, assist us in making wise choices. What is your truth? Where do you need to take action?

This is an immense portal opening. Do not miss it. Do not waste your time with vacillating or numbing, unnecessary fear, anger or frustration. Get clear in your heart. Spend some time in nature. Draw forth the clearest vision of your soul path to date. Elect to release every thought form that holds you back from living a full life in alignment with all living beings and this beautiful earth that supports us.

On the day of the eclipse I also discovered that some groups of white witches had called (via web announcements) for a world wide effort of  "spell binding" of the U.S. Government administration at the dark of the moon... just before the new moon eclipse. Thus the dark magic occult forces began counter spells... and many of us sensitive types were caught up in it. So it may be that this has a lot to do with why we felt headaches, digestive disturbance, sleeplessness, bad dreams and visions, entities flying through the air, and basically exhausted. This happens whenever there is a major calamity of any source unfolding so to have a direct purposeful battle of light and dark will create strong physical symptoms. It is necessary to protect ourselves energetically more than ever before, especially for the few days before each new moon, because apparently this will be a monthly battle. Most of us are Lightworkers. We are working overtime when we sleep. Protecting ourselves with white and golden light will help us feel better during our waking hours.