Manifesting? ... or Synchronicity?

I'm in New Orleans this week at the United Astrological Congress, the huge gathering of the astrological tribe from around the globe that occurs every four years. In Denver in 2008 I delivered my first UAC lecture; this time I was a co-trainer for the three day ISAR Consulting Skills program. I feel passionate about integrating empathic communication skills into astrological or intuitive sessions, so being part of this program is nourishing to me. But it's not chocolate...

After the class finished I found myself in the hotel store, perusing the typical assortment of magazines and various gadgets one might have forgotten. I stared longingly at the chocolate section, hoping to find a bit of European or organic chocolate to pamper myself. As I turned away from the meager selection, refusing to lower my standards, I remember spontaneously thinking, "God, I wish they had some really great chocolate."

The very next afternoon I was on the phone when a loud knock interrupted my call. I saw a bellman through the peephole, holding a large tray with an ice bucket and a bottle. I assumed he had the wrong room and opened the door. He came in and set it down with a gift card with an apology note from the hotel for an issue that was so minor to me that I'd already forgotten about it. The tray contained an assortment of incredible handmade chocolate truffles and an iced bottle of Evian water. I was thrilled and grateful, impressed with the particularly spectacular nature of the arrival of the best possible chocolate to my very door.

Whether I somehow manifested this chocolate through a strong wish, or whether it's simple hotel protocol and I'm the recipient of a synchronicity, I'm very grateful. I believe in the magic of thought, yet the speed of manifestation was amazing even to me. I see this as a reminder to all of us to keep our thoughts positive and very clear.

And I'm thinking next time ... "God, I wish I had a villa in the south of France"!