There are no good words to explain the Japanese quake and tsunami, or the many other disasters we are experiencing in rapid succession in this world. In the midst of such an intense event we are called to our compassionate heart to hold a space of love and prayers for healing. Astrology, metaphysical concepts and even spiritual truths often feel trite. They are words, ideas. They help us foresee. They help us make sense of events well afterward. In the midst of painful events holding a loving, conscious center and offering practical assistance are the only compassionate acts.

I can hardly think of a title for this post. I don't really want to write about it. I am finding it difficult to think about the suffering in the Middle East, the other recent quakes, the fact that Haiti is still mired in aftermath, that Katrina rebuilding is slow. We have not processed older yet recent losses as new ones plunge on top of them.

We know spiritually that no one can be truly happy if anyone is suffering. Our collective pain is deep and very near. Our media keeps us connected to it, minute by minute, but it is more than that. We are all One, and the losses sustained near and far will continue to remind us of that connection and our fragile vulnerability.

Our love and prayers are with all.