Intuitive Wisdom: Stay Calm

(Posted May 2010 after the Deepwater oil spill)

I am reminded of the human reality that we often don't change until our situation becomes really challenging or downright painful. We change our diet when our health scares us. We leave relationships and jobs when they become unbearable. It's not necessary to wait so long; it's possible to be proactive and change ahead of the painful events of our life, yet we are lulled into complacency, held by karma, too busy to stop and assess clearly, afraid to act.

This is the gift of astrology. The stars and planets identify periods of time when challenging events might occur while showing us the gift or healing answer within those same energies. With consciousness and work, we can harness the best part of the energy in advance to create meaningful change.

As a world, this is where we stand. Right now. We are in a time of radical events and needed radical solutions. If 2008 to 2012 are the years of change leading to a new world direction, the next couple of months are a significant crossroads.

As the 'Cardinal Cross' of the summer moves more fully into position, Uranus has moved into Aries. This planet of revolution, radical unpredictable change and awakening now moves forward with a fiery, independent streak of energy. You'll see this energy everywhere, personally and globally. It will be permeating our planet for the next eight years as we develop a new relationship with freedom and equality. We will be challenged to manifest, create and invent new solutions.
Saturn has just turned to direct motion forward, ending a several month review of our outworn structures. As usual, the dance in the sky has a pattern. First we review and restructure internally; then we move forward in 'reality'.

At the end of the month (June 26) we have a lunar eclipse as part of a powerful cross alignment involving seven planets. Lunar eclipses signify endings and this one is particularly transformative as it aligns with the other planets. The truth of our world's troubles will be more apparent, although we are already being challenged to see the reality of our political, corporate and environmental challenges. We've been getting our warnings yet change has been minimal; everyone's trying to put the systems back together as they were. A paradigm shift is coming and it needs to be sweeping change. I believe we will be helped forward through a major consciousness shift embedded in the movement of Neptune into Pisces in early 2012 (think consciousness in the sign of more consciousness, love operating in a loving way). This is our ace up our sleeve. If enough compassion and love can be infused through enough souls, our Minds are capable of changing destruction into construction.

Staying calm. How can we do that when oil is gushing into our water and explosive events are rocking our news? Personal action is one answer, each of us challenged to act for change in small ways and large.

Spiritual action is always a good answer to any dilemma; our grounded hearts and compassionate viewpoint can infuse any situation with more healing. A possible meditation is to visualize healing light in a white or golden color connected from your heart to any places of destruction and pain you hear about. Wrap the healing around the event or geographical area and feel your alignment with all other healers on the planet. Gently breathe, and continue imagining connection and healing. If you feel strong, you can breathe in, imagining you are breathing in the old destructive energy and purifying it within you. Then exhale the purified energy, imagining solutions.

I can see the little children/wise souls are really working hard on the psychic energy level to bring healing to the planet, and the Pluto in Scorpios with the Capricorn stellium (late teens/early twenties) are getting ready to surprise us as they wake up into their power. And you thought some of them are unmotivated! They embody the source code for the new structure.

Let's remember we all wanted to be here at this time. Incarnational tickets were expensive for this particular world event and many of us incarnated many times in rapid succession in order to be ready. (Perhaps this comes under the category of "What WAS I thinking??!!)

We don't have safety in the physical tangibles -- not in our climate, currency, stocks, environment, real estate -- nor the sense of things being predictable in the ways they've been more predictable in the past. We really have to let go of the past world and imagine and work towards a very different and more sane, balanced future.

We are blessed as we move through our lives with whatever serenity and trust we can hold in our hearts.

Our safety is internal, personal and spiritual. We are safe embodying who we REALLY are with love, laughter and connection with the earth and our loved ones. And loved ones include our spirit guides who are working overtime now. Feel their presence, take a deep breath ... and stay calm.