Here comes another Obama

I was reading a progressive blog the other day where they were complaining that Obama was not really a good leader, doing too little too late, and prone to go into negotiations and immediately take the other person's side, giving away too much. As he sees all sides of an issue and calmly discusses issues in a detached and bi-partisan way, he has lost some support from many who hoped for more change in this first four years.

Why that sounds just like me! I thought to myself. I don't study his chart all of the time or know it well, but I knew he's a Leo with Aquarius rising and the south Node of the Moon in Aquarius also. This gives him a polarity that is likely to shift from detached and truly humanitarian, believing in bi-partisanship and equality -- to a charismatic and more eloquent approach to life and politics, perhaps even leaning to elitism. We've seen both sides clearly. But why the appearance of being permeable to others and giving away the negotiations?

The progressed Moon gave me an answer. Progressions show our slow deep development as souls through an incarnation, and even beyond. The progressed Moon sign changes roughly every two and a half years, just as the actual Moon sign changes every two and a half days. During the election in 2008, Obama's progressed Moon was in the sign of Aquarius, a comfortable sign for him that allowed him to exude his higher consciousness and calling to the public. And remember how much he seemed to be accomplishing in the first months, jumping in rapidly to many issues. Then in October 2009, barely getting into the swing of things, the progressed Moon changed signs into Pisces …and in the first house of the persona, where he approaches life through the veil of this new lens until this coming October, a fairly fast progression. In fact on October 9th around 6 am he's likely going to wake up from a bad dream where he realizes he's been trying to run a country from the midst of a mystical fog, deception all around him.

Ah Pisces! I have a lot of it and I love it in others, but I wouldn't want to be running a country with this kind of permeable, intuitive, soft, compassionate love vibe. How can you make a decision when you see the higher vision of everything and everyone? And negotiations? Forget it. My cat has more negotiating savvy than I do.

No matter what your politics are, strong leadership of a country is beneficial. I feel we can expect to see a more fiery, aggressive leadership style emerge in Obama in October when he enters a two and one half period of the progressed Moon in Aries. Courage, drive, assertiveness, anger and the ability to champion causes are all hallmarks of Aries energy. These will be beneficial balancing traits to the detachment of Aquarius and will flow a fire vibration to the mission path of Leo. And in early 2012 as his progressed Moon connects with the radical unpredictable energy of Uranus, we can't really predict what will happen, except to say the political energy of 2012 is guaranteed to be an amazing show!