February is Eclipse Month. What are you eclipsing out of ... and into?

February 10th brings us the first lunar eclipse in the Aquarius/Leo vibration. This series will last for two whole years, following on the heels of the Pisces/Virgo eclipses of the past two years. The final Pisces Solar Eclipse occurs on February 26.

February is the final flourish of the old and the beginning of the new; a bridge month.

Let's start with the Pisces solar eclipse on the 26th. A solar eclipse is about initiating something new, and in Pisces the flavor is mystical, intuitive, compassionate or spiritual. Maybe creative. Wherever this falls in your chart you will start something that connects with soul urge for oneness. Neptune, the Pisces Planet is conjunct the eclipse, adding significant strength to its power and also the likelihood that all will not be revealed. Mystery (or confusion, even un-truthiness) may be part of what is set in motion. If things are not totally clear, we are asked to surrender and trust, deepen spiritually (Pisces qualities) and be careful of the tendency to numb out (yes Pisces again!). With a quincunx (creative yet intense) aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius (Karmic mastery in the field of truth and meaning), we might also find a creative solution to act in alignment with our beliefs.

Saturn in Sagittarius indicates we are in a cycle of extreme religious and philosophical points of view. This arises to the surface of our world in order that we may ultimately structure a more balanced approach to truth. We've been in this cycle for two years. In 2017, the final year, undoubtedly we'll come to some conclusions.

Pisces generally is able to hold more compassion and acceptance than most signs; however there can a tendency to martyr oneself. If this construct falls in a key area of your chart you may be wavering between the need to take strong action and an intuitive feeling sense to let things happen as they will. The balance could be an amazing blend of the two perspectives. If you have planets in the first 15 degrees of Pisces I think you will feel this eclipse strongly as the final green light to do what you've been thinking of doing for the past two years (or pushed, cajoled or given no other options).

At the same time Mars and Uranus will be conjunct in Aries, square to Pluto and opposite Jupiter. This dynamic "t-square" is like a three legged table of dynamic unexpected action (Mars/Uranus in Aries) opposite the call to balanced expansion (Jupiter in Libra), in a challenging quandary with the endless need to dig deep into shadow material and transform (Pluto in Capricorn). Basically wherever mid Capricorn falls in your chart you are coming into your worldly power, excavating fears and painful emotions, changing forever. With this eclipse, some things you've been working on for a long time will suddenly spring free. It might feel like too much. The balance is to create the fourth table leg with Cancerian energy. Cancer is the sign of nurturing, home and family. Feed yourself well. Connect with loved ones. Create inner security. Get a massage.

Remember that our thoughts, words and actions are magnified 10,000 times on solar eclipse days. Use your power wisely. The magnification is said to be only 1,000 times on a lunar eclipse. Enough to take seriously...

The Lunar Eclipse on the 10th is at 22 degrees: the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo. Perhaps it's time to let go of personal egoic habit patterns to focus on the greater good. Give up high priced lattes or designer clothes to donate the money to feed the homeless? Each one of us knows intuitively how and where this question resonates. All for one and one for all. What cause do you care about? How can you use your creative energy (Leo) for the benefit of the tribe (Aquarius)? What have you been working on of this nature, internally or in the world, that is coming to fruition.

This lunar eclipse is part of a grand trine/kite formation. The Moon is trine to Saturn in Sagittarius and to Uranus in Aries. This allows these plants to flow together for events, healing and radical change to occur more quickly than might be typical. The "escape point" is the Sun in Aquarius. There is pressure on this point. This is where the action is. The Sun always asks us to make powerful choices. In Aquarius perhaps we are rational; perhaps we are revolutionary. This configuration of course will play out in our world scene, but will also be resonating within each of our psyches. Be authentic, true to your sense of awakening self.

The questions we might ask ourselves in Lunar Eclipse Meditation might be:

"What is my grounded role in the evolution/revolution arising on this planet now?"

"How can I let go of limiting personal habits and dramas to be part of the bigger picture?"