Create or Surrender?

We are creative beings, souls manifesting through the vision of physical reality. The creation of our body and our life is inspired by who we are at this level. Then, all of our human thoughts, words and actions continue to create our reality, which will be as jumbled as our thoughts are. As our mind flows down a river of calm peaceful waters or challenging rapids, our attitude steers the course.

Co-creation is the master plan, initiated from our highest selves, steeped in wisdom and the intent for each incarnation, blended with thoughts of the ego/mind.

As we participate in the creation of life, it may be clear, powerful, more easeful, joyous and filled with magical synchronicities, or we may struggle toward goals that aren't really serving us, banging our heads against closed doors.

We may judge life as good or bad depending on whether we feel pleasure or not, but pleasure is not necessarily the highest or only soul level goal. A more accurate indication of alignment is felt through the heart; it is deeper, richer and more silent than pleasure.

Of course, we can choose to create money and worldly success; these accomplishments may be part of a unique soul centered intention.  A life that is only about spiritual practice is not on the drawing board for everyone, but it's probably in everyone's best interests to have some level of spiritual practice to surf life with an aligned attitude.

It can be helpful to set aside all judgments about what is spiritual and what is not. If it's happening in our physical reality it's part of our spiritual journey.

Soul is more powerful than our ego/mind thoughts, so if your positive affirmations or New Year's resolutions haven't been working, it may be that you're barking up the wrong tree. Or in the wrong forest.

Also, we do not operate in a vacuum. We are all one. This has great importance when we wish to create change. The experiences, thoughts, visions and emotions of the entire world consciousness are impacting us. It is possible to create something outside the realm of shared beliefs but it takes more effort. This is also a key point when we wish to create political change. Our inner alignment and simplicity of goals will be more powerful. Focusing on what we don't like or being picky about small points will slow the transformation down.

I devote a whole section to the subtleties of co-creation in Soul Path Way. When we learn how to channel thought to create reality we reconnect to our creative power, which has often been lost or kidnapped from us along the way. Done correctly, we remember our vibrant inner light and align thought with soul intention. We take back our power and remember what we knew as small children.

The Power of Surrender

Over time, I have found that surrendering to every moment and all of life's experiences is a loving partner to co-creation. Magic happens in this sweet place of acceptance. We manifest experiences we might never have thought of. The synchronicities are powerful.

The inner peace and quiet in the mind created by meditation allows us to surrender more easily. We slow down. Just five minutes a day makes a difference. Every minute more adds potent possibilities.

We have choices.

If we want to, we can go for total surrender only! Forget manifestation principles and focus only on spiritual development, calming the mind, releasing fear based thinking, and simply accept everything that arises in our life as part of our soul path. Good or bad, every single experience is necessary. We meet life with courage and surrender. Total surrender. This is an interesting choice to work with.

Or, we can contemplate our lives through the lens of soul path and actively participate in co-creation. We can feel deeply into our deepest yearnings, look at the roadmap of our astrology chart, meditate about the meaning of life, and then create specific goals and affirmations. We can ponder soul path from our connection to creating a better world through all of the human experiences we wish to have. Once we have done this, surrender is still a very valuable skill in co-creation. It allows our soul and the cosmos to amplify our intentions and bring to us even more than we might imagine. This is the middle way, a little co-creation and a little surrender.

Of course, we can simple ramble through life, allowing random thoughts to create whatever they will. This is the way of the adventurer, guaranteed to be a wild ride, probably with repeat incarnational tickets.

We have choice. And community helps...

I have found it is stronger and more empowering to do conscious co-creation steps in a circle of supportive friends or family. And that it is not a good idea to share creative ideas with haters and doubters who will dampen our creative power with their negativity.

Together we have power to create and to support each other in our vision for a better world and a soul centered 2017.