Conscious Work ... or How's that Virgo Treating You?

I love September because of the Virgo Sun. I wasn't born with any earth planets, just the very good suggestion of a Capricorn soul purpose. "Get out there, work hard and bring your gifts to the world" said the Universe. And I said "I would prefer to stay at home, cooking, nurturing my loved ones, taking long baths and doing what my moods and feelings offer up." After a few decades of tug-of-war, I found a somewhat balanced expression of both. We all have these oppositional inner dilemmas, and sometimes we find ourselves in a time period when the integration of oppositions allows us to complete a cycle and move forward.

Like right now: we have a powerful blast of Virgo. We feel motivated to fix everything, solving every single problem that has been ignored for months. Kind of a Virgo overdrive. The manager is cleaning every single candle holder at the studio. Closets and desks are organized. We are all feeling the combination of planets in Virgo plus Virgo eclipses. The eclipses catapult us from the old to the new. The Mercury retrograde in Virgo cycle indicates a solid review of everything Virgo: work flow, skillfulness, work, health and all we are devoted to. Saturn triggers a similar feeling of accomplishment needs at a meta level: long term plans reviewed and implemented.

The oppositional vibration to Virgo is Pisces. Pisces is good medicine right now. This is echoed by Saturn the Capricorn planet, in Sagittarius, in a square relationship with Neptune the Pisces planet. A creative solution is needed. What are you creating of lasting earthly value? Where are you aligned with the imaginal cosmos, the divine? How does that come together as conscious work or practical magic?

If you feel out of balance, the gifts of Pisces are needed: meditation, long walks on the beach, short walks near the beach ...fantasies of a beach! Find your version of beach whether it's a massage, a mountain hike or a delicious novel. Find that still place within where you let go of the struggle and striving, the endless perfectionism. Sometimes we don't even know we are burdened by perfectionism because we rebel against it, abandoning action before we even try. The inner standards feel so high; so daunting. This month calls for us to do our very best work in alignment with path with diligence and devotion, while knowing the truth of our existence. We are already enough.

We are already perfect and this world we've created is a dream state. Much that we stress over does not matter nearly quite so much. We can afford to look at the sky and feel the breeze. We can stop and play with our children when they ask us to. Literally we can stop and smell flowers, or go to the Farmer's Market and enjoy the bounty of the earth.