Choice: Fear or Trust

The last couple of weeks have been pretty intense on several levels. On the astrological level it's been like a pressure cooker, and this is only the trailer for coming attractions. The events in Somalia, protests in England, our debt ceiling debacle and stock market erratic behavior served to remind us that while we're in the process of planetary change, and that change will be gripped from the jaws of very painful current events. This is mostly a revolutionary time period, yet there's an evolutionary option that is choice centered.

Consistently the Light spirits channeled by me and by others have reminded us to stay centered in a sense of love, trust and inner peacefulness during these years. We have to be careful not to get caught up in the fear. Each of us will find our individual voice, role or cause to be a part of the solution.

Evolution is the ability to make positive, healing choices, to go within and release our personal karmic patterns so we can embody higher consciousness. When enough of us are demonstrating grounded evolutionary principles, we will reach a critical mass and will be able to tip the world direction to real healing, solutions to longstanding problems and collaborative work together.

Some of us choose not to watch the news at all, and we have been reminded also to avoid watching television in general as it is the vehicle through which fear is beamed onto our planet. Yet most of us find it helpful to know at least the basics of world events. The dilemma is how to be informed, connected and part of the solution without being overwhelmed by the emotional intensity, fear and sense of hopelessness that can so easily envelope us. More than one person has shared with me that thirty minutes with Jon Stewart four nights a week is all the news they can handle, wrapped in humor and irony, slightly more palatable, less overwhelming. Yet even this is too much sometimes.

However we choose to be informed and to cope with the information, the real medicine will be to choose optimism and hope for a better world to emerge through these times. Deep trust. Fear never serves us. We can see how clearly thought creates reality as we watch the stock market rise and fall with each new report. Jobless claims up: instant drop. Slightly better retail sales: ah yes, we're okay after all. Each of us is subject to our own daily stock report, thoughts creating imaginings of future okayness or struggle. these thoughts having the possibility of altering our emotional well being for the current day.

What would happen if we didn't know what was happening, if we just kept making choices based on optimism and trust? Any economist would tell us that the economy would improve right away. Economics is always based on consumer confidence; businesses grow and expand when we feel optimistic. It really doesn't matter what our mental reasons for optimism are. So what would happen if we do know what's happening but we still refuse to choose fear and stayed with optimism?

This is what many of us are working on. Some days it's easier than others. Deeper and deeper layers of transformation of our own karmic memories are required to be able to stay in the 'now' moment with faith and trust. This is where we're connected to Spirit and we're actually okay. We find a ray of optimism shining through gloomy news. We notice all the positive changes that are occurring. We smile broadly at strangers and they return the soul centered eye contact.

We'll be in the particularly erratic phase of this transformation/awakening roller coaster for a few years so it's best to not be overly concerned when we get thrown off-centered or ungrounded for a bit. A few breaths of love and centering will help us course correct and be ready for the next twisty turn.