Almost Cooked - The Spin Cycle

In the past few days since the eclipse I've noticed a radical energetic shift. The last two weeks in general have been obviously a pivot point, with people reporting many challenging issues, especially in the lives of people they know, interspersed with moments of lightness and bliss. There have been some amazing dreams and meditation experiences as well as odd physical body issues and vibrations. We are experiencing rapid karmic energy release and alignment into the new frequencies.

This 5th dimensional vibration has been grounded more deeply into our world, and we're able to stay aligned with it for longer and longer period of time. This may be minutes or a few hours. It's like bobbing in water filled with rapids and vortexes. Our head pops out and we see the clear air and bright sun sparkling in the misty water droplets and then we're pulled back under again. As we go under we might be consciously aware of old patterns that no longer serve us. The vortex spins them off of us like a set of clothes that don't fit, and then we come back up for air again. Ah, the clear, timeless breath of pure air!

In the new vibration, we find our thoughts and feelings manifesting quite instantly. Play with this. Notice what you can create. If you wish more joy, pleasure, calmness -- simply make the choice to be that. Taking a breath with the choice helps ground it into the body. If it's a thing you want, go ahead and play with that too. If it's in alignment with who you are it will be easy to create. It's best not to become too caught up in the thing creation track though, because then we start to fall back into old ways of attached thinking.

Listen to your intuition and be open to change. What you thought you wanted or was true for you a few months ago may not be now, and especially in another month. Feel the change within and maybe not rush to make radical changes yet.

The new energy is more about playfulness, openness to change, trusting that whatever we need is there when we need it. We are boundless creativity and expansive healing and freedom. This is the ascension, embodying in our plane of existence. Many years of preparation have led to this time. We will connect with like minded others through the eyes. We don't have to go anywhere, do anything. We are remembering who we are on a soul level and living from that perspective within the earth plane dimension. Others will follow in their own time but for the next few years it will seem as if there are two worlds living in the same space. And that is true.