Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is simply the healing of body, mind and spirit through the application of healing energy. There are many different belief systems about healing. Reiki, energy or psychic healing, distance healing, laying on of hands, and hypnosis are just a few of the types of spiritual healing, and yet at its core healing is always about the shift of energy from a compacted or unnatural state to its flowing, harmonious state. Healing can be facilitated through the assistance of a person who can “translate” healing energy into a more usable form but there is also an abundance of healing energy available to each of us in our daily lives. Healing is always an individual process of opening to our essential true nature and the loving, healing force of the universe.

Disease is initially created by energy out of balance. Each of us is born with an energetic blueprint based on the unresolved emotional experience of all previous incarnations. This blueprint forms the basis of our aura and chakra system. This is how karma is moved from one incarnation to another. It is not as if there is a karma committee punishing us as some would imagine. It is simply the truth of energy.

Energy is cleared by forgiveness and love. We can forgive the person who harmed us, be forgiven for our part in the situation, and we forgive ourselves (often the hardest part) for the part we played in the experience. I know many people find the idea of forgiveness challenging, especially in crimes against children. And yet, still, at the perfect time, forgiveness is the key to healing. Simply for our own healing and peace we must forgive and let go. Forgiveness cannot be rushed or pretended. Sometimes the best we can do is get to neutrality. However, the lack of forgiveness holds the energy of the wounding experience and will draw that same experience to us in modified forms, in this life and in future lives, over and over again, until finally we experience a spiritual breakthrough, and forgive totally.

As healers, I believe the format of much spiritual healing work is simply to satisfy the ego. Our human self wants to learn a system, know what we’re doing. We want to see the dark energy, remove it, replace it with new energy. Balance and align chakras. When we go to a healer, we like to have a name for their system, to believe, to trust in the training. We can do this and it works. There is a certain satisfaction to being actively involved in the healing or believing the healing modality is special. It gives the mind something to do. Ultimately, however, healing is simply the release of energy and acceptance of love in its place. It is amazingly simple.

Sometimes I do detailed spiritual healings; sometimes I go the simple route--calling in love from Spirit and friends to the person I’m facilitating. Often the person receiving healing feels the simple forms the most.
In daily life, we all have the capacity to facilitate our own healing, by surrounding ourselves by people who love us rather than settle for “friends” who are meanspirited. We can visualize ourselves surrounded and filled with love, at any time of the day, rather than dwell in fearful and negative thoughts.

Life can be filled with spiritual healing. Practice breathing, meditation, yoga or tai chi. Take long walks in natural settings. Clear up old issues and open your heart. Love yourself enough to eat well. Focus on the present moment. Get healings and massage from others. Practice sending healing with a friend. Laugh. With every breath, fill yourself up with gratitude and love. You are spiritual healing (or not!) in every moment.