Truth and More Truth

In October the planet Jupiter came into the sign of Scorpio for one year, an energetic cycle we grapple with every twelve years. Think back. End of 2005 through 2006. End of 1993 through 1994. How was your life personally? Do you remember what was happening in the world around you.

With this new cycle we were slammed. From the devastating fires here in northern California to the overwhelming size and regularity of mass murders. Not to mention the painful exposure of sexual wounding, the dark side of Jupiter in Scorpio for sure.

The trigger for Jupiter in Scorpio has been initiated.

Now we deal with transformation and the essential meaning of life. Where are we headed collectively? Personally

Over and over I heard people say things like:

“If I can die in a fire that sweeps through a whole town overnight, or while I listen to music or pray, I want to make sure I know what’s important in life.”

And that is the curriculum of this cycle between now and November 2018

What must be uncovered to live a meaningful life?

With this scorpionic–leave no stone unturned–investigation, we are called to deep, penetrating questions. What is important? What do we believe in? What tight and protected places in our hearts have constricted our ability to reach out and receive the offering of opportunities? To contribute our unique gifts?

Exposing fears and ancient wounds, we empower ourselves. We expand our vision. We look beyond the habit patterns and the mundane, and consider how we may live fully in Truth.