The Heart of Tragedy

Again we wake up to the news of tragic devastation. Senseless loss. Unspeakable evil. We cannot turn away.

I feel my heart cannot bear the endless tragedy. Like many, I avoid reading the news for days on end. When I do I usually read headlines; the details are simply too painful. The individual suffering of the loved ones whose lives are changed forever is raw. It permeates my skin; I know I feel just a tiny fraction of what they feel and even that is just too much. My heart literally goes out to them.

I trust those who left the earth plane for vibrant pastures of Light and sweet sound are okay, despite the circumstances. They always are.

It is the rest of us. Left shocked, we wonder what to do about this mess we find ourselves in. Planet earth: never an easy place. We experience all potentialities–in our minds—and in the actions and reactions, the whole ugly mess manifested into reality.

We get to have our feelings. To be outraged. Rage bursting out. Angry, numb, sad, hopeless. Yes. We are human.

We must find a way to let those feelings roll through. Not to become what we despise, rigid and fearful, hateful and lost.

Without fail we must return to love, opening our hearts in sorrow, sending waves of love and healing to all those who suffer within the direct ripples of this loss: the mothers and lovers, the neighbors and dads.

With love we must continue to shine our light onto the petrie dishes of violence–found not just in the shooter, this one or the last zillion. We have work to do. None of us is immune to moments of separation from who we really are. Light can resolve the darkened corners we find in our hearts, in our communities and in the world.

We will look at the planetary alignment and say, ‘ah yes, the mutable cross held this potential… the physical manifestation of rigid beliefs, the crazy of Neptune. Mars retrograde. The Pluto/Uranus square isn’t really done yet…’

Yet the sky also holds the potential of grounded action in alignment with high truth. Transformation and awakening. The hard work of Saturn in Sagittarius is internal and external both. What is your truth? Collectively, how can we manifest a Light infused reality on our precious planet? …at least a little bit more?

I invite all of us to focus our hearts and minds on healing, and on life affirming solutions for the deeper causes of hatred and violence. We can reshape our world, one heart at a time. And it starts with us.