Staying Positive – Knowing Reality

I am looking for the positive.

I know that all I have is this moment and my attitude toward it.

Breath. Life. The capacity to be.

Sometimes I latch onto small astrological hopeful signs. Uranus will move into Taurus next year. Creative solutions to earthly problems. Genius. The unexpected. An olive branch extended from the cosmos.

The deep low beating drum announces an executive meeting of planets in the serious sign of Capricorn planned for 2020 (Pluto, Saturn & Jupiter). This is not to be ignored. Problems will be evident. Hard work to be done.

The good news is we’ve already been living with this exposure of the corruption (Pluto in Capricorn since 2008) of the structure of the world. We’re in Phase 2.

On the Plutonian level we have torn the building down, gutted the foundation, and purified the poisons beneath, or at least brought them to the surface for analysis. Soon we can rebuild. Saturn shows up as the CEO. And Jupiter flashes in with an abundance of reality infused with truth.

Every generation imagines their planetary predicament is the worst. Their world is falling apart. Our parents or grandparents and their ancestors lived through world wars with limited communications. Perhaps they found strength, or connection.

There are so many amazing babies born these days. When we stare into the eyes of one of these bright souls we might remember we are pure Spirit, everything, and so much more than any of this.

These beings would not be incarnating here if there wasn’t something magical happening. A new world requiring open hearts and creative brilliance.

So, turn the news down to low. Breathe deeply. Eat well. Stay present. Devote the heart to Truth, the quiet essence that permeates life.