Navigating the Eclipse Path of the Heart

By now you’d have to be living under a rock to not know there is a major eclipse on August 21st that will actually travel visibly across the U.S.

We experience eclipses every six months. The signs change every eighteen months or so indicating different or new growth cycles. Although new moons and full moons occur every month and it’s sweet to be in synch with beginnings and endings accordingly, the eclipses can indicate much stronger influence and power. That which is no longer needed seems to suddenly end or leave. And new opportunities and situations tend to show up. If we’re ready for the change, this can seem miraculous. If we’re hanging onto the old (jobs, relationships, health patterns, etc) out of fear, then we will often label the changes as bad, or a problem. This is true of life in general, isn’t it?

In order to avoid suffering, we are asked to release attachments and trust the process.

Life is easeful when we follow the breadcrumbs of gut level intuition, listening to our inner voice, which whispers messages of the heart.

The current eclipse series began in February of this year (although perhaps there was an amuse bouche almost-eclipse last August). Thus 2017 and 2018 will be years of change related to the lessons and gifts of the signs of Leo and Aquarius. Ideally you will know (or find out) what houses in your chart are ruled by these signs. This will tell you what areas of life are impacted. There will be two opposing houses in whole signs, but many will have four houses or areas of life activated if we use typical house systems. I think both house systems are relevant.

In Leo we are nudged toward the heart. What brings us joy and pleasure? How can we express our gifts creatively? What are the children teaching us and how can our connection with the young inform our own evolution? In Leo we cultivate healthy ego and reasonable levels of entitlement. We come into power. Leadership. We experience the security of loyalty given and received. We look for validation yet are best mindful to not live excessively for the expectations of others nor be locked in portraying some idea of an ideal image.

In the August eclipses, the Sun is Leo so we will be focused on these questions in the area of life represented by the house in each personal chart. As a planetary event, we are looking at power and domination by those who would act as kings, overly greedy and entitled. We are also nudged (or catapulted) into situations demanding that we find creative ways to come back to the heart and personal connections.

Some expect leaders to fail or fall, especially one leader whom I will not name. However, I am not going to predict world events (especially since I’ve just read a convincing case for that one having a different birth time than generally used by astrologers). In any event, being careful of karma suggests that we focus on ourselves, modifying our own patterns of arrogance and ego. As we find healing and peace within, the world around us will ultimately reflect the divinity that is within all.

The Lunar eclipse on August 7th (at 11:11 am Pacific time!) is in the sign of Aquarius. There’s a releasing of Aquarian energies that no longer serve soul path evolution. Although the higher qualities expressed by Aquarius include humanitarian efforts, connection with tribe, community and those with whom we share long term goals, we can sometimes lose ourselves in these pursuits. Maybe a gentle pulling back into self is called for. We might be too erratic in our day to day life.

Aquarius rules technology and it’s clear from many recent conversations that too many of us have been sucked into the news frenzy. The latest daily (hourly?) political shock or seeming catastrophe is like crack to our reptilian brains. It seems like survival is on the line, and perhaps it is, but it doesn’t support us energetically to be locked in to every single transmission of the crazy (another great Aquarian word). So we’re asked to take very good care of our nervous systems, limit screen time, connect to our friends authentically (Leo & Aquarius together) and find a balance of creativity, love and social activism.

So let’s stop texting our friends and invite them for cup of tea at a cafe that has an art show this month. Take a bath. Call, write, march — but maybe have some fun or at least meaningful connection while doing so. It does not serve us to lose our heads or to become the hate we fight against..

Take the time to ponder heart’s desire. Imagine the love and peace we all desire manifesting like a lightning bolt from the sky. Visualize revolutionary leaders showing up, destined to work for the people, creating a new society. On the day of the lunar eclipse (August 7), focus your manifestations on what you wish to release.

Write a list now. What do you wish to let go of so you can be more heart centered, empowered and creative?

On the day of the solar eclipse (August 21), focus on new beginnings. Be positive. There’s a powerful grand trine of fire energy now and at the eclipse to support new creations. There’s a cardinal cross of magnificent and powerful new creation as well. Let’s believe in the power of humanity coming together to create a new world. There will be a tipping point where the extreme split between the ruling class and the people can no longer operate. Revolution and evolution take longer than we wish for and require patience and courageous heart of the lion.