Intention & Surrender

The Solstice marked the turn of the new year from deepest darkness into ever expanding qualities of light. A full moon on Christmas Day reminded us to balance love and healing with all we seek to master and accomplish. And now we approach New Year’s Day, the the shift of one calendar year to the next. As humans we are naturally attuned to the passing of time, which serves to ground and anchor us as we often feel adrift in the moment to moment truth of reality.

Setting intentions for a new year provides a container for our creative power. Reviewing the past year helps us understand how our previous intentions and efforts culminated in amazing events or a sense of falling short. It’s our moment to have gratitude, dust ourselves off with the feathers of forgiveness and acceptance. Move on.

Perhaps it is not necessary to set intent. Life will arise as it does, based on the soul’s intent and the random thoughts we generate. We can of course, always choose to simply surrender into each experience without a life plan.

True intention or ‘Calling’ comes from deep inside and aligns with your soul path.  Calling is felt when you are intuitively and clearly drawn to something without any objectively good or sane reason. Your heart feels open. You feel excited. You just want to do it from a place that’s so deep inside of you it feels like every cell of your body is screaming. (This is not to be confused with lust, or the desire for an extra large latte. Or even better drugs.) There is a qualitative difference between a soul centered Calling and human style cravings. Learning that difference takes some of us a few extra years. And perhaps a lot of meetings.

I invite you to take the time to go deep within to feel Call, and have the courage to resist the fears and insecurities that might keep you from actively stating your true Intentions for this year. It will take a lot of heart centered, healing, and powerful intentions for all of us to create our brave new world in the face of the crumbling but menacing old paradigm.

And once you’re very, very clear about why you’re here (or at least a little clear… and it can include a latte or two), then you can surrender into each moment, each experience.

It is the balance between intent and surrender that allows life to flourish in a meaningful way.

Where are you holding on?

Would you like to release your grasp to release into sweet surrender?