Election 2016

Through my heart: I have been processing the results of the American election. Many of you have asked me to explain what happened and I’ve been trying to write about it in a way that is not overly political because I recognize that although most of you did not support Trump some of you did, or didn’t like either option, or wish you lived on Orion. Me too. I honor your right to believe and to choose.

Nevertheless, I was shocked. And sad. There’s something about this entire election (coming from both parties) that brings us face to face with the dark side of power and our fears about everything that is happening on the planet that is painful, polluted, unfair and greed-filled.

There was very little in my world view that allowed me to imagine this outcome. Spirit has assured me for decades that we are in a transformational time (which I assume is progressive, spiritual and moving toward equality) and we must maintain heart centered resolve and not be drawn into fear. I still believe this is true. I also know that change often moves forward and backward. Think about your own efforts to control your diet, or to quit a bad habit, for example.

I didn’t read much news about the election because the hatred and polarization was too painful for me. I didn’t even “read” the election psychically to any deep degree. I relied on the astrologers who specialize in political prediction; most of them predicted Hillary to win. I discounted the few who predicted Trump as having a negative world view.

I tried to stay spiritually open minded, reminding myself to accept life as it arises. It is natural to fear both change and the unknown. Yet, how do we balance between spiritual surrender and being willing to create a world that is good, kind and fair, and that shepherds our planetary resources to flourish. Being spiritual and surrendering to what is does not mean allowing anything to happen. (If you haven’t read Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk, this would be a good time to put this visionary novel on your list).

Now together we face what many imagine to be destruction of our natural world and the progress toward equality we’ve been working toward.

Imagine. Think. Words. Ideas.

From our limited awareness as ego/personality, we look at the current situation and project out what we imagine will now happen. We don’t know for sure. Fear moves in and creates disaster scenarios. We think and then we feel fear, outrage, maybe a tiny bit of hope “please let it not be as bad as I imagine.” Then we think some more. We overlook some things and focus on others, whether it’s the relative merits of various candidates or the actual track record of those we loved.

One thing is sure. There is a large group of people in this country who do not believe “progress” is working for them. They wish to return to a different time when life seemed more stable and safe, and jobs were plentiful. There are also many who actively dislike the political system and see that neither established party is actually working fully toward truly enlightened progress, that it’s still all about the 1%. It would be impossible to keep chugging forward toward avowed progress without allowing the dissent—all of the voices at the table, all of the darkness and fear, to be brought into the Light. This is a healing crisis.

I often say there is no way we can avoid karmic lessons.

We can, however, learn our lessons the hard way or the easy way.

As a group of souls embodied in the U.S., perhaps we’ve just chosen the hard way.

Through the Lens of Astrology: One of the main reasons most astrologers were not right about Hillary’s success is that there were at least three birth charts floating around. Analyzing the Chart for the first day of Spring, an ancient technique, seemed to say they would both win (which is technically true), but the expert astrologer assumed it would be Hillary. Astrology is an art, and the astrologer’s world view always has an effect on interpretation.

The larger astrological picture is clearer to me. We are still very much in the Pluto/Uranus square vibration, even though the seven exact squares occurred between 2012 and 2015 and are complete. This means the issues are on the table now. Pluto represents transformation and Uranus indicates awakening, radical change and rebellion. These two forces are struggling against each other: the needs of the individual to be free against the power and control of patriarchal forces. This dance has brought us both radical rebellion and a fascist right wing upsurge throughout the world, as well as Brexit… and it is not finished yet.

One of the things about Uranian transits is that you absolutely cannot predict what will happen. If you can think of it, imagine it—it’s going to be something different. Shock is always a part of Uranus. This means we might also be shocked by what happens next. People who voted for Trump might react against him. He might quit or be removed. He might bring about some changes those who are now against him will actually agree with. Be willing to allow this to play out, expecting the unexpected.

Pluto is in Capricorn from 2008 to 2023. For the entire time, the shadow of big government and big business is exposed throughout the world. There is a tendency toward conservative values and fear, a stickiness or rigidity. The split between the ideologies feels like brick walls that cannot be penetrated or compromised. It is particularly potent in the U.S. because Pluto is back to where it was when this country was born of a revolutionary act. We revisit the birth with the intention to transform the darker realms of this plutocracy that manipulates all things financial as it pretends to be a helpful world citizen. We are in the middle of this transit. This is when it is always the hardest. The poison is unearthed.

For reference, think of Pluto in Sagittarius from 1995 to 2008: The shadow of religion was brought to consciousness through 9/11. The entire period was about exposing terrorism and extreme beliefs, but in the middle it was explosive. Pluto was in Scorpio from 1983 to 1995. AIDS/HIV and the shadow of sexuality was the order of the day.

Through the Eye of Spirit: We are in a spiritual evolution amidst this political revolution. Spirit has stated clearly that all of the foundations are in place for this planet to transform and we must maintain open hearts and a grounded perspective, no matter what happens around us. Isn’t this always the way? We are to meet life as it arises with equanimity, maybe a smile. With grounded presence, the seat of our being unshakable. We are asked to hold an openness to “what is” while listening to our inner call so that we take action where appropriate. In this case very potent actions may be called for to manifest the joy, beauty and connection we wish for, the potential of humanity working together.

How can we do this without falling into hatred and divisiveness?

It takes immense strength to fight for what is right and

not harden our hearts at the same time. This is our challenge.

The Practicalities: What can we DO?

Be a fierce Love Warrior. Be kind and compassionate in every moment to everyone. Let’s connect in circles and communities, allowing our hearts to win. 

Practice your brand of Yoga: As the election results rolled in my first thought was my mat. In this place of slow steady movement and breath, I am okay. I remember who I really am. You may not like yoga yoga, so how about meditation, walking, breathing, singing, hiking, painting, playing with children? Did I mention breathing? Whatever you need to do to be in each moment with as much joy and as little fear as you can muster. Take very good care of yourself.

I remember the most powerful Chi Kung practitioner I’d ever met. He’d spent ten years in a Chinese prison in a tiny cell. No room for Tai Chi so he simply practiced the breathing exercises of Chi Kung and became a powerful healer and teacher.

Power through surrendering to adversity.

Be a fierce Activist Warrior: Pick the causes you care about and fight for them. Volunteer. Give money. Make sure everyone votes in 2018. Change occurs from the bottom up. It might be harder than we imagined it would be but revolutions are never finished in a short time. This one started in the 60’s and looked like it had died in a sea of SUV’s and Whole Foods markets. But no, we’re still fighting for true equality and the possibility of better life for all.

Think positively and creatively: I know it seems kind of trite, but it’s true: thoughts create reality. Fear thoughts create what we are afraid of (so that we can experience it and realize in the end there truly is nothing to be afraid of (except snakes on a plane (-:  ). Because there are so many of us thinking about the election and the future, our thought waves are ultra powerful. Together we need to think differently. Imagine Trump rising to the office and doing better than we imagine. Imagine people coming together to effect change in different ways. Envision peace, prosperity and equality for all.

After all, at the core all humans want the same thing. We want love, families/communities/connection, security, the ability to express our talents, to accomplish something. Perhaps some of these basic needs have been thwarted. Perhaps we have a different idea about how to get there personally, or as a nation. But underneath it all, we are all One. In this place of stillness behind the human wants and desires, all is safe and love permeates every breath. Let’s not forget that. Perhaps this mantra will take you a little closer. Say this mantra in your mind when you face the others your mind wishes to disagree with. We are so much more than our fears and separation.

“I love you and we are the same”