2016 – The Year Ahead

Are you ready to ride the some waves of change? 2016 is one of those years where magical transitions could blossom faster than we can keep up. This can be stressful, especially if we want to control life, maintain status quo, or even if we’re trying to start a new project with tide pools and quicksand all around. Your intention needs to be fluid, adaptive and soul inspired. This is the year to manifest soul path, aligned with your truth and felt inner experience. Surrender and trust will go a long way to ease the passages.

The last few years have been marked by the challenging cardinal (initiating energy) crosses and squares, especially between transformational Pluto and revolutionary Uranus. This alignment continues its process of smashing patriarchal structures while new paradigm ideas shake up our foundation. Radical change doesn’t occur without resistance. The pain of the world weighs heavy upon us as we watch or participate in dynamic struggles.

The new planetary alignment is a dancing mutable T-square between Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter. It has been building since the fall of 2015, maybe even a taste of it since Saturn first entered Sagittarius at the end of 2014. It picked up steam in August as Jupiter entered Virgo and then in September when Saturn moved back into Sagittarius to remain for the next two years.

Mutable signs are creative, adaptive and ever changing. Saturn in Sagittarius asks us to restructure our life in accord with our values. We are tasked with finding hope in the face of seemingly hopeless news — climate change and the suffering of sentients of all kinds — and then to take disciplined steps and building block actions, even when feeling depressed or discouraged.

Neptune in Pisces reflects that part of us that seeks oneness and bliss and can be subject to numbing ourselves with, well whatever floats our boat… even chocolate or a fantasy film can soothe us out of reality. An intentional response to Neptune square Saturn will be to infuse our focused actions with compassionate love and empathy, grounding spirit to earth.

Jupiter in Virgo asks us to expand our efforts in a discriminating, healing way. This oft grandiose planet of over the top entitlement is in the humble sign of devotion. Perhaps you need to get very specific and diligent about your actions in order to receive the abundance and luck often associated with Jupiter? Jupiter and Saturn in square test your plans. Are you realistic, walking your talk? Can you look up from the grind of accomplishment to notice the opportunities falling along your path?

The Gemini new Moon of June 4th completes the alignment, moving from a loose T-square with moments of squares and oppositions to a full cross. New Moons signify potential for a new start. If you think of the T-square as a three legged table, the missing leg is the Gemini energy that will fulfill the cross in June.

You can be proactive now by gathering data and information. Gemini is curious and needs all the facts. If you’re stressed by the choices in front of you, trying to blend your Saturnian accomplishment efforts with your beliefs and soul centered intentions, maybe you’re missing some crucial knowledge. A class or workshop? A book? A new teacher?

Let your intuition guide you to your next steps.

What crystals could be your allies to help with transition? So many, of course, but Malachite helps with emotional processing. I like it especially in combination with amethyst which soothes its strong energy with a burst of higher chakra spiritual energy and vision. Rutilated quartz connects us to golden source energy and amplifies intention. And, a simple Tiger Eye can help focus the vibrantly curious learning needs of Gemini.

It’s time to be a fearless adventurer. Consciousness, flexibility and bold action will support your path in 2016.