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Soul Path Program 

A unique integration of Evolutionary Astrology, Intuitive Mastery & Healing

Begins in the Fall of 2017

Well, kind of begins. Begins in a more organized pathway to certification. Many of you have been taking these classes with me in the past few years… or over the past few decades. Lots of grandfathering in will happen. But also lots of filling in the pieces. Helping you integrate your intuition with your astrology, and your astrology with amazing healing & integrative skills.

The training will be offered as webinars, Berkeley classes, online courses (learn at your own pace) and dynamic retreats to connect and practice.

And as always, you can simply take a class here and there for your own enjoyment.

Take this brief survey if you’re interested (so that you may have some input about the types of classes first offered in 2017/18.

There will be Five Pathways. Choose one or all, a buffet or full feast*

Evolutionary Astrology

  • 1.1 Astrology Basics – planets, signs, aspects, houses
  • 1.2 Astrology Intermediate – asteroids, fixed stars, Progressions, Solar Returns, Transits
  • 1.3 Relationship Astrology
  • 1.4 Evolutionary Astrology – The Karmic Story
  • 1.5 Chart Synthesis – Lots of practice
  • 1.6 Astrosynthesis – Integrating The Planets as Inner Parts
  • 1.7 Consulting Skills – ethics, empathy & communication
  • 1.8 Intuitive Astrologer – Blending astrology & intuition skillfully

Intuitive Mastery

  • 2.1 Discover Your Inner Wisdom (intro)
  • 2.2 Deepen Your Inner Wisdom (intermediate)
  • 2.3 Master Your Intuitive Wisdom (advanced)
  • 2.4 Counseling Skills
  • 2.5 Practicum

Integrative Intuitive Healing

  • 3.1 Healing Processwork based on psychosynthesis principles, hypnotherapy, guided imagery and psychic/energy healing

Spiritual Practice

  • 4.1 Meditation
  • 4.2 Yoga & Physical Practice
  • 4.3 Sankalpa: Heart Centered Intention
  • 4.4 Daily Practice
  • 4.5 Four Pillars of Healing

Heart Centered Business 

  • 4.1 Starting or Expanding Your Healing Business – from meditative manifestation to writing a Business Plan, plus healing blockages to success. Group calls & private coaching


  • For Certification in “Soul Path” Astrology, Intuitive Mastery and/or Integrative Healing, all classes must be taken or exempted based on previous experience or training. Spiritual Practice and Business Segment must be taken or exempted. Level One – Have taken all classes and can do a consultation/healing at basic competent level. Level Two – All required classes plus 1 year of supervised experience and demonstrated excellent capabilities.
  • Spiritual consciousness, a sense of ethics and the ability to deliver an empathic, compassionate reading or healing are as important as the accuracy skills for Certification.

Interested? Take this brief 7 question survey