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The Year Ahead 2018 – our annual connection to the energies and astrology of the year, including meditation and manifestation. Held on January 7, 2018 – recording & notes now available here $30




Mexico City!! February 16-18, 2018

Friday, February 16 evening:  A Conscious Approach to a World in Crisis
It seems as if we have been moving toward crisis for many decades. This is the nature of life and yet this is a particularly intense time. Whether we ponder the seeds of change inherent in the Pluto/Uranus conjunction of the 60’s, the discovery and influence of the transpersonal planets in the past few hundred years, or the many spiritual and channeled teachings emerging over the last century, we are at a crossroads. The veils of manifestation have become thinner. The world is moving in two directions simultaneously. Our practice asks us to stay clear, conscious and evolving to work with the powerful energies within and around us. We will explore what each planet asks of us to evolve and not be drawn into fear consciousness permeating the media and our lives. (free event)
Saturday, February 17 Workshop: Relationship Astrology as Healing Path
Why do some people fall in love with their childhood sweetheart and live happily ever after, while others live what can only be described as as relationship disasters, bouncing from bad to worse? As someone who has been on the disaster side and has the planets to prove it, I got tired of astrologers telling me to get used to it: “you will always be unlucky in love, fated to be disappointed again and again.” Through decades as an intuitive and astrological counselor, I began to understand relationship patterns and how to manifest the conscious and passionate relationship potentials lying buried beneath the dysfunctions.
Astrology is a beautiful blueprint of karmic experiences, gifts and challenges. The chart shows us the healing path, the way to true integration. 
In this workshop we will explore the major relationship indicators in the chart, including Venus and the Moon, the relationship houses. Then we will dive deep into exploring transpersonal planetary relationship challenges and the path of integration.
Relationship is a spiritual path. Everyone is our teacher.
$1500 MXP

Private Readings available on Sunday, February 18th • contact Kay for details

Details and reservations for workshops: Email Ursula •

For an informal Mexico retreat, consider coming to this weekend in Mexico City (hotel accommodations near to Ursula’s workshop space), attending one of the writing workshops in San Miguel de Allende and finishing up with a workshop with Kay in San Miguel on February 26 (details tba). Contact Kay for details if you have interest.



The next visit to Carnation, Washington will be March 17-24. I look forward to a offering a workshop on Sunday, March 18th (details tba) and private sessions all week long
Are you ready to take your Astrology Practice to the next level? If you’re drawn to the OPA Peer Group Process in Chicago in May, contact Kay for more information (only 2 spaces left), or sign up online with OPA

Soul Path Program: individual classes or a professional path

An integration of Evolutionary Astrology, Intuitive Mastery, Guiding skill & Energetic Healing

Get started now! Sign up for January 2018 Classes – attend online or work at your own pace.




2018 Soul Path Workshops

The Year Ahead 2018 – our annual connection to the energies and astrology of the year, including meditation and manifestation. Sunday, January 7, 2018 – 11 am to 1:30 pmRecording & Notes Available $30

Evolutionary Astrology

Essentials of Evolutionary Astrology: (online work-at-your-own-pace) is a prerequisite for Cycles of Evolving (or similar training/background). We cover signs, planets, aspects and houses, plus the Karmic Story seen through the Lunar Nodes – $95 – For more info or to register

Cycles of Evolving: Intermediate Evolutionary Astrology – Webinar/Online course. Learn about astrology from an evolutionary perspective, where an understanding of soul path and positive expressions of everything, including Saturn and Pluto, gives these teachings a unique spin. This class covers cycles and prediction: transits, progressions, solar arcs and solar returns, including how to work co-creatively with cycles to create integrated, positive outcomes. We’ll also touch into asteroids and fixed stars. It starts on Saturday, January 6th and is from 1 pm to 3:00 pm CA time. There are six meetings. $225. Registration Closed.

Intuitive Development

Level 1: Access Your Inner Wisdom (online work-at-your-own pace) is a prerequisite for Deepen Your Inner Wisdom (or similar training) This covers meditation, running energy, clairvoyance, spirit guides, ethics, and so much more  – $95 – For more info or to register

Level 2: Deepen Your Intuitive Wisdom Learn to get clear, accurate information when you want it and learn to trust your answers by deepening skills with focused practice. Each monthly workshop looks at an area of life from a metaphysical/spiritual perspective to focus the intuitive lens: Relationships (family, friend & intimate) • Career, Money & Finances • Health – 3 webinar Workshops, one per monthBegins Sunday, February 11th – 10 am to noon CA time – $125 for all three – $50 for one  – more info and to sign up now

Level 3: Advanced Intuitive Training  – This seasoned ongoing group practices the nuance and detail of integrated intuitive readings and psychosynthesis based Intuitive Integrated Healing. Partly individualized coaching, training and support, and partly a warm, supportive group. Group that has been ongoing for past four years is now closed. A new group can form when six students are ready to begin at a mutually agreed upon time.

In the advanced groups, in every meeting:
1) there is a topic I’m teaching and deepening understanding for the group:
– connecting with different levels of guides
– reading questions from various perspectives — body, mind, Spirit — even if that’s not the direct question asked
– doing energetic healing work – distance healing and also psychosynthesis based therapeutic guidance
– clairvoyance, channeling, mediumship, empathing.
2) We practice giving readings and healings. Sometimes one person asks questions and everyone answers. Sometimes I break people into pairs (possible with the web technology we use to place people in dyads to talk privately). Sometimes I demo read/heal. Sometimes we get a “client” who comes on the call and the group offers a reading.
3) There is a lot of personal sharing and support of the group, and personal mentoring by me.
Everyone who comes into the group should have basic intuitive skills comfortably handled and be interested in developing clarity, accuracy and trust in their wisdom. It is likely that most are going to offer intuitive work in combination with another healing modality as a profession, but that is not mandatory.
It is likely the next group forming is small intimate webinar format, but I am open to an in person group in Emeryville if there is sufficient interest. I usually ask for a six week commitment at a time, and each class is two hours long.

   contact Kay if you are interested

Take the classes you’re interested in, or consider this pathway to certification. 

This program will:

• Develop and deepen your intuitive skills so that you get information when you need it and are comfortable trusting and sharing your insights

• Deepen Evolutionary Astrology knowledge from chart synthesis through transits, progressions and other predictive techniques

• Cultivate ethics, compassion and great counseling skills

• Integrate astrology, intuition and astrosynthesis into a powerful healing process

• Deepen your own spiritual path so you are an authentic guide for others


The training will be offered as webinars, Berkeley classes, online courses (learn at your own pace) and dynamic retreats to connect and practice.

There are Five Pathways of learning in the program

Evolutionary Astrology

  • 1.1 Essential Evolutionary Astrology – planets, signs, aspects, houses & the basics of the karmic story – This is now available as an online course – at your own pace
  • 1.2 Astrology Intermediate – asteroids, fixed stars, Progressions, Solar Returns, Transits – begins January 6, 2018
  • 1.3 Relationship Astrology – beginning in March 2018 – stay tuned!
  • 1.4 Evolutionary Astrology – The Karmic Story
  • 1.5 Chart Synthesis – Lots of practice
  • 1.6 Astrosynthesis – Integrating The Planets as Inner Parts
  • 1.7 Consulting Skills – ethics, empathy & communication
  • 1.8 Intuitive Astrologer – Blending astrology & intuition skillfully

Intuitive Mastery

  • 2.1 Access Your Inner Wisdom (intro)  – this is now available as an online course – learn at your own pace
  • 2.2 Deepen Your Intuitive Wisdom (intermediate) – begins January 14, 2018
  • 2.3 Master Your Intuitive Wisdom (advanced) – new group forming – email Kay if interested
  • 2.4 Counseling Skills
  • 2.5 Practicum

Integrative Intuitive Healing

  • 3.1 Healing Processwork based on psychosynthesis principles, hypnotherapy, guided imagery and psychic/energy healing

Spiritual Practice

Heart Centered Business 

  • 4.1 Starting or Expanding Your Healing Business – from meditative manifestation to writing a Business Plan, plus healing blockages to success. Group calls & private coaching


  • For Certification in “Soul Path” Astrology, Intuitive Mastery and/or Integrative Healing, all classes must be taken or exempted based on previous experience or training. Spiritual Practice and Business Segment must be taken or exempted.
  • Level One – Have taken all classes and can do a consultation/healing at basic competent level.
  • Level Two – All required classes plus 1 year of supervised experience and demonstrated excellent capabilities.
  • Spiritual consciousness, a sense of ethics and the ability to deliver an empathic, compassionate reading or healing are as important as the accuracy skills for Certification.