Each session offers a unique integration of evolutionary astrology with clairvoyant channeling, …plus healing guided processwork when you want lasting changes

You have questions and want answers. Why are you here? How can you make choices that align you with your authentic soul path? Maybe your would like some healing too–to dissolve old patterns or to help you make decisions easily and follow through with ease.

Kay begins an initial session with an integrated and nuanced astrological and psychic assessment of your path and the current cycles you’re working with. Then you may go deeper and into more details via your questions. Her unique blend of healing processwork may be included if desired, or leave that option to another time.

A standard first session is 60 or 90 minutes and can be by phone or in person. Two hour sessions allow for a longer, more in-depth astrological reading plus time for healing processwork if desired. Telephone sessions of 30 minutes are for established clients only.

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Online booking is through Genbook where you will see what times are available, check out an amazing number of great testimonials from people who have just had their first session or have been working with Kay for decades. Choose between in person or telephone/skype sessions and then book an appointment easily with a few clicks. Yoga private sessions, with or without hypnotherapy are also available to schedule via the Genbook calendar. For more info about yoga sessions