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For the Love of Saturn. A Saturday afternoon workshop at NCGR San Francisco on September 8, 2018 – Fort Mason, SF – For Info or to Register

Would you like to look forward to your Saturn transits? 

Have a strategy for current Saturn in Capricorn issues? 

Understand the deeper evolutionary meaning of your natal Saturn potential? 

Join Saturnophile Kay Taylor for a deep dive into all things Saturn. We’ll look at the evolutionary goal state of natal Saturn placements. We’ll also explore major Saturn events—Saturn cycles, transits to natal planets including Lunar Nodes and Saturn’s work tidying up the business of each house. We’ll trace your experience of Saturn thus far in life to understand the higher potentials (and what actually happened). Then you’ll sit on top of Mount Saturn, co-creating the masterful, proactive plan for what’s coming up (which you have to deal with anyway), including the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of 2020. Bring your chart.

Are you ready to take your Astrology Practice to the next level? If you’re drawn to the OPA Peer Group Process in Chicago in May, contact Kay for more information, or sign up online with OPA

VENUS and the Outer Planets – An Interview with Chris Brennan on the Astrology Podcast – Free Download

Following the OPA conference at Asilomar in 2015, esteemed Hellenistic astrologer Chris Brennan asked Kay to be on his show: “The Astrology Podcast.” To listen to the hour long interview exploring Venus & the Outer Planets click here.  

Do you choose difficult relationships? Kay’s study of astrological relationship patterns is fascinating–and provides pathways to healing, not just a hopeless verdict for endless heartbreak. Kay discusses the karmic imprint of Venus and the transpersonal planets (Pluto, Venus and Uranus) and how one can move from the painful and challenging relationships to healthier and evolved expressions of conscious relationship.

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Prior Lectures

November 30, 2017 • Living Like We’re Dying – San Francisco Astrological Society

October, 2017 • OPA Lecture: Living Like We’re Dying — Jupiter in Scorpio, a philosophical/spiritual approach – 30 min opening lecture

October, 2017 • The Healing Power of Astrosynthesis — three day workshop at OPA Retreat Conference in Zion National Park, Utah

April, 2017 • OPA (Organization for Professional Astrology) Webinar presentation: The Cracked Mirror: The Astrology of Narcissism.

March, 2016 • OPA (Organization for Professional Astrology) iAstrologer, Atlanta, GA • “Love, Counseling & Marketing” 

October, 2015 • OPA (Organization for Professional Astrology) Retreat, Pacific Grove, CA • “Sex, Love & Crazy” short talk

January, 2015 • SFAS (San Francisco Astrological Society), San Francisco, CA • “Embodied Astrology”

June, 2014 • NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research), San Francisco, CA • “The Astrosynthesis of Love and Sex”

October, 2013 • SOTA (State of the Art Conference), Niagara Falls, NY • “Fearless Astrology”

November, 2012 • SFAS (State of the Art Conference), San Francisco, CA • “Dark Truth: Sexual Abuse and Wounding in the Chart”

October, 2012 • SOTA (State of the Art Conference), Niagara Falls • “The Evolution of Karma” (Warren Buffett) and “The Intuitive Astrologer”

October, 2011 • SOTA (State of the Art Conference), Niagara Falls, NY • “The Heart of Healing: Alchemy Through Symbols” and “Dark Truth: Sexual Abuse and Wounding in the Chart”

October, 2010 • ASA (Arizona Society of Astrologers), Scottsdale, AZ  • “Conscious Astrology: Healing Hard Aspects with Psychosynthesis”  (evening lecture and afternoon workshop) plus a lecture/experiential version at The Astrology Store in Glendale

August, 2009 • ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research), Chicago, IL • “Psychosynthesis in Astrological Counseling” lunch lecture

June, 2008 • UAC (United Astrology Conference), Denver, CO • “Grounded Magic: Integrating Intuition with Astrological Counseling