Soul Path Way


This book meets you where you are. It can jump-start your journey or help you take vibrantly clear steps on your current path. A practical and inspirational manual for soulful living, this is an invitation to uncover your true nature, develop intentions that align with your heart’s desires, and gently release barriers so that you can live an authentic life.


“Every word that Kay writes in Soul Path Way has the unmistakable ring of truth.
–Steven Forrest, author of The Inner Sky

Soul Path Way Book

Soul Path Way: The Dance of Astrology, Intuition & Spiritual Awakening 


This book integrates the wisdom Kay has gained from years of working with clients and students–her diverse and unique toolkit synthesized through the lens of your soul purpose. Soul Path Way allows you to receive the benefits of countless readings and workshops all in one transformational book.
You will be able to understand your path from the perspective of profound astrological concepts that are broken down into easy-to-apply insights. You can choose from an abundance of meditation practices and guided healing journeys (with recordings available online) to break through emotional and mental obstacles. You’ll find a wealth of grounded wisdom here to help you discover the joy of awakening.
Listen to Suzannah Scully Podcast interviewing Kay about Soul Path Way (38 min)
“What a refreshing perspective and immensely valuable offering!…”
Maurice Fernandez, author of
Astrology & the Evolution of Consciousness
“… invites and inspires readers to embark upon an enlightening inner journey,
where astrology becomes a vehicle for awakening.”
Greg Bogart, author of Planets in Therapy and Astrology and
Meditation: The Fearless Contemplation of Change
Some of the topics covered help you to:
* develop clarity about your life purpose
* heal on all levels–body, mind, emotion and spirit
* learn everything you need to connect with your intuition 
* discover your spirit guides and inner resources
* explore nuanced, tested principles of manifestation & co-creation
* cultivate balance of action, intention, surrender & devotion
* be human and spiritual: live an authentic, grounded, conscious life
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Meditation Recordings offered in companion website
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