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Kay recommends and is a reseller for Intrepid Astrology Software — an excellent choice for both the professional astrologer and those who are interested in following their own charts.

INTREPID is a full-featured professional astrology software that is identical on Windows and Mac.

INTREPID was designed to be completely user-friendly! You only need 1 or 2 clicks to change almost all displayed options like displayed bodies, type of wheels, house systems, and even asteroids and fixed stars! The elegance and ease of use sets this software apart from others.

For more information or to purchase via Kay’s reseller account directly from Intrepid, click on:

Intrepid Astrology Software


Without ever leaving the chart screen, you can: * Convert your wheel to/from a uniwheel, biwheel or triwheel instantly * Create a new wheel for any progression, transit, harmonic or direction * Move progressions and transits to any date * Move wheels forward or backward in time by any interval * Track direct and converse progressions at the same time * Change the progression method but retain progressed date * Track the speed of planetary directions * Change house and coordinate systems * Add or remove asteroids, stars, many other bodies and points * Even track your favorite asteroid or star in progressed wheels!